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a few happenings if you will


this week has been cold. but the water was turned on so we decided to make sure our pipes wouldn’t freeze by leaving the sprinklers on in the back.
it created quite a few cool ice encircled buds and ton of icicles off out fences.

and i know i haven’t been talking about how funny my life is lately. well, to tell you the truth the kids have been sort of a bore lately…behaving and all.

normally i have at least 4 “oh i’m going to blog about this.” moments a week and write about at least one of them. but lately the kids and husband have been on good behavior. my cooking on the other hand…well lets just say this. it went from bad to worse.
a week before last i made this lovely dish of tuna casserole. now in my defense the family all loved it after they got past it’s ghastly appearance.
the husband and oldest boy were the first to dive in and give it a try. they both turned to the rest of the family who were waiting to see if they dropped dead right on the spot after taking the first bite and said “this is really kind of good.” to which my oldest son then adds to help reassure the remaining children who were still looking skeptical:
“it just looks like it’s been chewed up already…but it’s not.”
nice. thanks.

then just a few days later i was making a mudslide cake. pretty simple. but one mistake led to another and it was diarrhea looking nasty throw up looking a mess of a cake…i made the mistake of thinking that i could take the approach i normally take while sewing “i’ll just improvise and see what happens.” BAD IDEA.
on the way to baby shower i picked up some brownies and called it good.

…then a few days later i walked away from the toast and you all saw what happened there.
it seemed like i was exceptionally getting worse at messing up in the kitchen.
…then i got pretty sick and couldn’t cook.

i just think it was the universe trying to stop the madness.

so to recap:
*it’s still really cold here.
*i can probably burn jello if not following step by step instructions…
*and i should probably stick to improvising only in the crafting area.

have a good rest of the weekend. i’ll be sticking to things i have recipes to and know are fool proof even for me and i’ll keep trying to keep warm.
we’ll talk soon. 😉