tutorial: ombre style onesie


got someone that’s going to be a mom for the first time? or maybe for the 2nd, 3rd, or 15th time?
what better thing to make for her and her wee little bladder jumping, hemorrhoid maker, parasite in her belly baby, but a stylish hip ombre onesie.

i don’t know about you but i’ve taken notice that the big names (prada being one of them) are putting out ombre style merchandise.

they’re not the only ones either. fashion land is bringing this baby back. and well, i’m here to help your baby (or someone else’s baby you give this as a gift to) the shot of wearing something that would make them cat walk friendly.
rit dye (i used powder and “blush” for the color)
for embellishment (the flower) you will need an extra piece of jersey not the state but the t-shirt kind.
okay first i made my dye. i made my dye super strong, meaning i didn’t add as much hot water that the package asked for. use your judgment on how much water. i used just enough to fill my container around 3 to 4 inches high.

next completely soak your onesie in water. (this will help continue the dye travel up the shirt)
next i set the bottom part of the onesie inside the dye. i let it sit there for quite some time (approx 3 to 5 minutes)
once i felt like the bottom was well saturated i quickly dipped the onesie up to the area i wanted to have a little bit of dye on it. (slightly under the sleeves). remember it will still continue to travel up… not too much but at least a little. keep that in mind.
*next i dipped the onesie a couple more times down to the the middle section so it would get a little bit darker dye on it but not as much as the bottom).
you can see in the picture the three shades of pink. as it dries it will make a fourth really light pink on top.
*take out the shirt and let it dry somewhere safe. i left mine in the sink flat. after i let it completely dry i rinsed it. (i just wanted to make sure the colors stayed vibrant…so i let it set by drying.)
after you rinse it…let it dry again.
*make sure you test your dye job for bleeding in the wash by putting it in first with some old towel you don’t care about. just to make sure! i would hate to have people end up with pink underwear when it used to be white.
next i did the same thing with a few strips of t-shirt i had from another project.
this is what they looked like after i was done and let them dry, rinse, and dry again.
to make the little flower follow my instructions i give for the perfect flower ad on. but minus the button middle. and sew it on to the shirt by hand.

and there you have it. a perfect ombre onesie good enough to be on the catwalk.

have a fabulous weekend.
it snowed here the last two days. so i’ll try my best to keep a happy face on even though inside i’ve just died a little. 🙂
we’ll talk soon.
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