V and Co.: jelly roll jam quilt free pattern and video tutorial


hi there! 

so with summer lone gone and a distant memory, we now look forward to fall. we’ve had a Fall-ish kind of weekend, and honestly, fall hasn’t been my favorite since i moved from california. while i grew up in california, i LOVED LOVED fall. why? well because it meant pumpkins, and pumpkin smelling like candles and cinnamon. mmm i love cinnamon. and i loved the crisp cool air, the fun decor and thanksgiving (oh and my birthday as well) but since moving to places that have winter, i no longer love fall i just like them because AFTER fall means all H-E double hockey sticks breaks lose and we get that stupid stuff snow. nope, don’t like it. so summer has turned into my favorite season. 

this weekend seemed to have been such a lovely fallish weekend, cool temps, a little bit of rain, and a whole heck of a lot of family. we had a lovely time building and launching rockets, going to soccer games, church, and family meals. we ended the weekend with renting iron man 3. 

yeah, this weekend made me feel like i could love fall again. and plus i might not hate the snow that much, it just means i get to quilt more. 😉

okay but that’s not what you came here for is it? if you are new here visiting from the Fat Quarter Shop, WELCOME! i’m Vanessa and this is my blog that i ignore a little too much these days, and keep trying to keep my promise to just write about my nonsense and projects a little more regularly. i will try to keep that goal. 🙂 

for the rest of you who are regulars: HI! welcome back! thanks for sticking around. 

okay, ready for a fun little project the fat quarter shop has created? 

i am so excited to finally get to show you another project i’ve worked on these last few months. it feel like there is so much behind the scene work these days that i hardly get to show off half the things i am working on nope, try more like 3/4 of the things i am working on right when i make things. but that’s okay cause at some point i get to show you and well with this project now is that time!

the fat quarter shop has created a video tutorial a pretty fun little FREE pattern called the jelly roll jam using one jelly roll to make TWO baby quilts.

so using my simply style jelly roll:

i was able to make a boy and girl version of the jelly roll jam quilt.

i am completely in love with this boy version

for the boy version i used all of the yellow, and a lot of the navy, aqua, lime, and gray. this pattern was super easy to follow and ahem, i made the quilts in less than a day.

start to finish people.

i really love the look so straight line quilting (and i’m not going to lie) it’s what i feel most comfortable doing because i feel like i’ve not practiced enough with FMQ that i can master it just yet.

in the boy quilt i used most of the rectangles, oblongs, and ombre chevrons. when i looked at the fabrics i felt like these were the most boyish looking ones in line.

i think it turned out pretty cool. and i have a close friend having a little baby boy soon, so it already has a home.

and now for the girl version.

this cute girl quilt consists of most of the flowery prints. the large and small ones! i also added all the pink, and some of the navy (because i’m a huge sucker for navy and pink together!) some of the aqua, gray, eggplant hex’s, and one yellow flowery print. i eliminated most of the eggplant because i felt like the pink needed to be the focal point in it.

all in all this quilt turned out super cute as well. i think this quilt has a home as well as i just found out that another friend of mine is having a baby girl.

so yeah seriously, ONE jelly roll, TWO quilts is awesome.

check out the tutorial video and check out the FREE pattern, cause it’s totally worth it and totally doable for a fun quick need for a baby shower this week kind of awesomeness.

thank you fat quarter shop for having me be part of the jelly roll jam.

we’ll talk soon!

some new fabric is on the horizon. 🙂