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V and Co: introducing..well no, not yet


as much as i’d like to introduce my next fabric line “color me happy”debuting at fall market to all of you i can’t just yet. i have too many things to sew and not enough time to place many words let alone pictures together for you. but there it is in the background ready to be cut up and sewn with.

(well actually it’s already been cut up and being sewn with and that clean area is nothing but a memory at the moment as i’m running around with strings attached to every part of my body, and i walk around talking to myself quilt references and measurements… and fabric has exploded everywhere)

as a matter of fact i’ve taken into wearing this sign:

 that a great friend made for me so i didn’t have to keep telling everyone “no i’m sorry i can’t, but maybe in novemeber?” i think november is going to be as busy as this october with all my “…come talk to me in november about that”s

the good news is though that even though i am a thread of a mess with hardly any sleep, we did get out the bat garland and other halloween-y type things out for the house. and i am feeding my children, and making sure they are clothed before they leave for school. see mom i’m still taking care of them!

so just give me a couple of more days (man i ask that a lot!) and i’ll get you action shots of the fabric. okay maybe not action shots, but i’ll at least talk more about it and give you a closer look. hang tight.