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winner winner chicken dinner and look who just turned 1


 first things first. here are our winners.

i chose 5 of you randomly, and these are the winners of 2 small candy packs and a free pattern.

Blogger Abby said…

ummm a favorite? Confetti and Kaleidoscope its a toss up – love them both so much

Blogger ozone3 said…

Love the Kaleidoscope pattern & the Colorblock zipper pouches.

THanks for the chance to win!!

Blogger Gina S. said…

The Chelsea Bag! I made it with your fabric in same color. It was for my daughter for christmas last year and she still talks about how much she loves it.

Blogger Kathleen OGrady said…

Gosh you have so many great patterns it is really hard to choose one. But I kept going back to the Bloom pattern so I will pick that one. I love the Dutchman Puzzle block. It is almost like an optical illusion and I could just stare at it for a long time.

I am short also, 5’1″ and I don’t let that 1 inch go unnoticed. My closet is full of 3″ heals and wedge slides. Gotta do what ya gotta do. Thanks for the chance to win!

Blogger tpott said…

Your histerical ! I’m short also, my license says I’m 4-11 I lied I’m 4-9, so what putting 2 extra inches on my license makes me feel better. ;-> Your lucky to be able to wear heels, my shoe size is a 5, I don’t have much luck finding heels, so I’m always short. ;-> I love your “Bloom” pattern. Thanks so much for offering such a generous giveaway.

winners please email me with your address and what TWO patterns (that’s right i just upped your winning cause i’m feeling super nice and happy :P) you would like and i’ll get those and the mini charm packs sent your way asap!

congrats friends!! and thank you all who played along with me.

and i loved hearing that i’m not alone in the whole feeling the short thing unfairness. but i was pretty impressed with some of you that wore your shortness with pride. good for you, but i’ll still wear my heals thank you very much. 🙂 there seems like there will be quite a few of us doing some wheelies and races in our rascals and high heels later on in life. rascals unite!

good times.

so i have a little fun something to show you.

remember this little lady that graced the cover of my confetti quilt?

 yes this baby is one of my close friends little lady.

 you guys went gaga for her adorbs leg rolls and big cute cheeks

and even more gaga over her adorbs smile…wait, mouth wide open… is it a smile or is she trying to open wide enough to swallow your head whole…whatever the case i had to make a disclaimer that she was not included with the pattern and many of you told me she made your ovaries hurt.

yep you said it i didn’t.

well guess what. little miss cutie has just had her first birthday.

and as you can see she’s still adorably cute.

and she on a regular basis, makes my husband’s heart melt.

i think we will enjoy other’s peoples cute babies till we get some grand babies (yes, i KNOW not for a long time from now, but still how fun is that going to be?!)

hopefully this little lady will make another cover appearance and soon. (hint: houston here i come.)

we’ll talk soon. 🙂