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size matters moda blog hop


welcome to my turn on the size matters blog hop!

my block is the dutchman puzzle block  (free download!)

BUT as you can see i decided to go even BIGGER for my final block:

i used the ombre fabrics in the simply style line for moda, and used a white bella solid as the background.

i quilted it with 50 wt aurifil white thread using simple straight lines.

oh no worries, did you think i was all look what i made and i’m not going to show you how to make it?? nope,  i didn’t leave you hanging!

i made sure to do step by step on how to make this cute quilt!

now i’ve shown you what i did with my block…i made it bigger.

so i have a confession to make.

most of you already know it but might as well air it out again.

i’m short. *hangs her head in defeat*

and from what i gather as life goes on, i’ll get even shorter. *sigh*

i grace at 5’1″ but people say i’m exaggerating because they think i’m shorter.

i’m pretty sure you can give me the stupid 1″ if i’m really 5′ just let it go already okay? i mean it’s a freaking inch.

overreacting you think i’m being? well fine.

here’s the confession part:

i wear heels like ALL THE TIME. (minus when i’m wearing flip flops, but i’ve been known to wear wedge flip flops as well)

i even wear them at home when no one is around. i like that i can reach cabinets without having to climb on the counters, i like how my legs look longer than tater tots, i like that i feel like not everyone is talking to a small child when they talk to me…

oh go ahead and say it! but i don’t care if you tell me i’m going to have bunions or hurt my back or start tripping (uh, have you not read my blog, i trip and fall for a hobby) nothing new there.

nope, i’ll wear my darn 3-5 inch heals/platforms even when i’m having to drive a rascal!

hey you know what?

that’s the plan! i’ll wear 5″ heals (ahem perhaps some stripper shoes as well) when i’m in my late 90’s cause i’ll be strolling around in a rascal anyways, and if i aint walking on em…they aint hurting my feet.

so just so you know, i’m going to be a 90 year old 5″ heel wearing sassy little thing riding a rascal. because.



till then i guess i’ll just have to suffer walking in heels.

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make sure you check out deb, barbara, and well me (but you just did) today and tomorrow the fun keeps going!

now here’s a little extra free stuff fun

tell me your favorite of my patterns in my shop and i’ll pick 5 lucky winners to win a cute little mini charm pack of my latest line simply style and a free download of their favorite pattern!

i’ll pick a winner later on the 16th! 🙂