tutorial: rag rug and moda


a few weeks ago i got an email from a wonderful woman from moda (yeah THE MODA ) asking if i would be interested in posting some tutorials over at moda bake shop. first, i swore out loud (going to have to repent for that one) then i was like “this has got to be a joke.” then i looked around to see if there were any hidden cameras and some annoying dude hiding somewhere ready to come out and yell “HAHA! you are on tv bloopers and practical jokes!” but no one did…and so i re-read the email and i replied “sure i would.” (trying to play it and sound all cool) and then immediately started to have the desire to blow chunks. (that feeling hasn’t really stopped yet…i mean it’s MOOOOOODAAAAA people!)anyways here’s my first tutorial for moda bake shop. i don’t feel like i can hold a candle to any of the other ladies doing the tutorials over there, maybe i’ll just be the village idiot, but either way, i consider myself lucky. so thank you moda for the opportunity.
you can find the instructions here.
since so many wanted to know how i made my first rag rug for the little one’s bedroom, and i didn’t feel comfortable giving crochet instructions (heck, i can’t even follow them without someone holding my hand) i was inspired by the wool braided rugs and came up with this tutorial. i think from now on i’ll make all my rag rugs like this…and yeah i’m going to make one for like EVERY room, maybe even two…i’m even thinking of making them for my etsy shop.

so go on, go over there and give me some love and help my stomach calm down some!
oh and thank you for all the support and suggestions for my chair…i’ll post a picture when it’s all done! bloggy hugs- V