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a little blue and a little hell freezing over


thank you so much for the love over at the moda bake shop and here! you guys are the best. i may have to do a giveaway of some sort to show you how thankful i really am…i’m thinking next week.
okay so a small percentage of the people who voted said “robin’s egg blue”for the chair and i was asked if i have any blue in my house. i do, not much, but i do. but in the room that the chair lives in, it seems to be a little more on the sparse side. i’m usually in my blue pj bottoms or jeans and those are blue and i spend most of the time in this room, so i guess that adds more blue into the mix. so there. i’ve still not decided on the color of the chair, so for now it’s still a lovely primer white color.
aaaah yes, i got the call today…hell has finally frozen over…
my mom, the woman who doesn’t drive her car places because she can walk there, the woman who still has a phone with the coil-y thing on it so you have to stand close to where the phone is mounted while you talk, the woman who requests to buy the car that doesn’t have automatic locks or windows because she doesn’t trust “mechanical” things, the woman who doesn’t own a computer and even if she did, why would she need it? the woman who calls me from pay phones and from gas stations when she drives from sunny san diego, out to the middle of nowhere utah….
GET THIS::went out and got herself a cell phone.
she called me from it and you would of thought she’d won the california lottery of 44 mil. she was that excited to tell me.
my mom: (with cute heavy south american accent) Vanessa! GUESS WHAT!
me:(with no accent, i was born and raised here) mom? where are you calling from? my caller id shows some # i’ve never…wait a minute…
my mom: heheeeeehe hee! (she honestly was that giddy) YUP I DID IT!
me: holy mother of all that is good! NO WAY! (i grew up catholic can you tell)
my mom: yeah i can call you from ANYWHERE now.
me: lol (great)
my mom:yeah i LOVE IT!
me : lol… so what? are you going to go out and get yourself a computer next?
my mom: no, but ricky(my mom’s bestesess friend in the whole wide world, who just so happens to be my ex-step father…long story) just got one of those small computers that fold…
me: a lap top
my mom: yeah! and he’s going to hook it up to the phone line…
me: SHUT UP! you are scaring me…no really stop.
my mom: no really we just need to figure out how to use it
me: well hell just froze over
my mom:what?
me:don’t worry about it i’m just mumbling and looking out my window to see if any of the neighboring pigs sprouted wings…
my mom:yeah, then i can check that thing you write every day…
me: out cold… passed out…i must of just died…if it’s chilly when i wake up i’ll know where i went.