V and Co: how to: simple poinsettia wreath


first off, hope you had a great thanksgiving holiday. i am still recovering from turkey/pumpkin pie/stuffing and all the fixings hangover…so i’m moving a little sluggish these days, but nothing like the christmas season to keep you moving right along, or rather push you right along…so here we go.

yes, another wreath. since i’m all about wreaths (so it seems) on my door for the season, i was trying to think of what would look classy and beautiful. poinsettia wreaths can be found lots of places, but normally they look like yuck, unless you want to pay lots of money for a great fake one or pay lots of money for a live one (that will need to be tossed as it wilts) and so, i decided to make my own with some flowers i found at micheals.

i know, seriously? you are probably thinking…um do you work for micheals cause you talk about them all the time. are you trying to push their products on us? nope, i just go to the closest place and that place just so happens to be micheals. mystery solved. um and they also send me tons of coupons in my email, and give me 40% off receipts every time i shop there…so they have my love.

you are also probably thinking do you have some weird obsession with wreaths? and the answer is yes. i’ve scaled down to only a couple in my home (2 to be exact) and of course the changing one on the door. so back off.

okay things needed:

9 poinsettia stems (ashland christmas stems)

1- 18″ grape wreath

wire cutters….oh my gosh my poor hands…NO….

okay lets try this again:

9-poinsettia flower stems

1- 18″ grape wreath

bolt cutters if you have them, or heavy duty wire cutters to save your hands/and repentance of swearing like a sailor because it’s so hard to cut through the stem.


the stem originally is $5.99 a stem, i bought them when they were 50% off but i went back and saw them for 60% off? i could of been dreaming. but whatever you get each stem for $3 if you do the 50% off so that’s still a pretty reasonable price to pay for a wreath you get to keep for the next year.

what i did:

-take your heavy duty wire cutters or bolt cutters, and aprox 3″ from the base of the flower cut the stem.

-do this to all your 9 stems.

– just like the hydrangea wreath you are going to push your stems through the grape wreath (and you can hot glue it down if you feel the need, i did not)

-i overlapped the poinsettias a little so it was completely full, but with 9 flowers you will see you will have to overlap them a little to make them all fit.

it looks amazing on my door and i’m thinking of going back and making another one for my living room, to change out the one in there already, just for the season. 🙂

okay today i’m working on an ornament tutorial, since i’ve gotten some requests for it. hopefully it will work, if not…well we move onto the next thing! 🙂

we’ll talk soon.

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