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i love getting emails with pictures and links of things you’ve made with my tutorials.
kayleen made these balls using my fabric balls pattern.
i think they turned out gorgeous. and her photography. lovely.

and i love getting emails with links of things you have been working NOT using my tutorials.

like these lovely free downloadable print outs that amy over at green lily designs sent me.
one thing is for sure you guys are a creative bunch.
so i decided that i’m going to do something here.
because my inbox gets super flooded with lots of different things. i’m going to host a link post come this friday, where you can toot your own horn, if you will, of things you’ve made using my tutorials OR just something you made using someone elses tutorials, OR a link to a tutorial YOU made.
sound like fun?
yeah i thought so.

so get your creative juices going and lets make some stuff!
oh and grab your featured button if you’ve ever been featured on my blog!(right click save and then link back to v and co!)
we’ll talk soon!
v and co loves her sponsors! check out this necklace that i love to have around my neck by lisa leonard design!

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