what i’ve been working on…


so on top of sewing new curtains for my home…
the community council and i have been sewing this quilt. all the fabric was donated and we made it in like two nights. then we had a fabulous friend (hi f!) quilt it for us and then another wonderful friend (hi lori!) and i sat and watched “sweet home alabama” and bound it. all in a matter of days.
we made it because it’s our on going effort to raise money for the school’s new playground. like i mentioned before, our elementary school doesn’t have play ground equipment that is up to code for school standards, most of it has been there long enough for 60 and 70 year olds to remember playing on it.

we know it’s going to take years to get enough money this way but every little bit counts and we will continue our efforts in raising the funds to get those kids some new stuff.
the community has been so great and many business’s have offered free services and home made items (one being this quilt made by us, and the other a crochet rug).
it’s times like these that makes me so proud to be part of this close knit area.
mighty darn proud.
we as moms to some of the kids that go to this school love this school and want to do anything we can to help it.
we’re all working really hard to find and apply to as many grant programs we can to see if one of them will pick us to help us with the funds.
we shall see how this all plays out in time.
we shall see.
i’ve also been celebrating my 12 year anniversary. this last weekend the husband gave the me the BEST present ever, he gave me a full saturday of hard core cleaning of the whole house (lets just say tooth brushes were involved and baseboards, under the beds, and the freezers were not overlooked). we as a family worked on getting rid of skid marks in the toilets, dusting the cobwebs, and vacuuming dust bunnies.
i had one full day on sunday (our actual anniversary) of a completely clean and organized house. well, minus one closet…which just so happens to be my closet. and one that i call my “monica closet” i clean it out once a year. and right now is not that time of the year.

we also bought and we watched that stupid vampire movie with the awesome werewolf’s who i should not be drooling over because they are so young. twilight’s sequel “new moon.”
lastly, i got to organize my own little personal creating space. and even though the fabric’s not all lined up pretty and “gap-ish” (yeah, i worked there for the holiday season one year in high school, just for the discount…didn’t make one dime and i still associate the “santa baby”, and “this christmas” (by wham) songs with gap every time i hear them. good.times.) it is much better than what it was a week ago.
when this spot is organized all is well in my world. 🙂
wow a little wordy today aren’t i?

so… you guys have been busy too!
emails, flicker pictures, and blog posts made with v and co tuts! nice!
next week i’ll show off some of the stuff you’ve been doing!

have a fantabulous weekend!
oh and here’s a couple more of V and Co tuts for easter-ish kind of things!
fabric covered eggs and
fabric easter basket
we’ll talk soon.
v and co loves her sponsors! check out this adorable little skirt from forever you

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