tutorial: flower corsage for celebrating mom


Being a mom sometimes isn’t the most glamorous job one can have. Being a mom sometimes means walking around with food or boogers on your shirt, and sometimes not getting into the shower till afternoon . we’re busy driving kids to school and activities, busy folding laundry, busy wiping away tears, busy reading bed time stories, busy making it all better, busy cooking meals, busy keeping house, busy cleaning toilets. Yes, not so glamorous indeed, but probably the most important. We are the ones who help mold, uplift, and carry our children when they need us to. We are the ones they turn to when hurt, scared, or proud. We are their mothers and we have been given the opportunity to love them like no one else in this world.
that makes a mother beautiful in my eyes.
so to help mothers feel a little more pretty on the outside, I’ve created this lovely flower corsage, made out of satin ribbon.

No sewing involved, just hot glue and a few materials and you will be able to have this beautiful flower to put on your cardigan or to decorate your purse, so that you can remember how beautiful you really are…booger smeared shirt and all.

one yard of satin ribbon (thicker size)
one small circle of felt
one pin for the back
hot glue

first you are going to take your one yard of ribbon and cut 12 strips at 2 and 1/2 inches each.
put aside the rest of the ribbon (you will use it for the middle part of your flower in the end)
dab a small bit of hot glue at the end of your ribbon fold over almost half way, do the same for the other side.
then dab a little bit of glue in the center of your folds and fold over your top like an envelope.

now you are going to take one of your 12 petals and place a small dab of hot glue in the center of your felt circle.

place a small dab of hot glue where your crease is when you fold over your ribbon (like the picture above.)

then fold back the ribbon and add another small dab of hot glue under the ribbon fold so it stays put. do the same to the other side.
here’s your petal. this is what you will do with all 12 petals.
the next few pictures will show you where you need to place your petals.
it doesn’t have to be exact but it helps to try to follow this so it looks uniform in the end.

now for the next layer of petals. place your petals overlaying in between the first layer of petals just like the picture above. (if you want you can cut off a little bit off the bottom of each petal so that i lays slightly lower than the first layer.)
this is what your flower should now look like.
to make the center of the flower get the rest of your ribbon and using my fabric flower (ring) tutorial make the center but this time using the ribbon instead of fabric.

get your pin clasp and place it on the back of the felt circle. you will want to put quite a bit of hot glue here so that it will stay put. also you will want to place it at the top of your circle so that it will lay flat when you wear it or place it on a bag.
ENJOY your beautiful flower!

thanks danafor letting me be a part of celebrate the mom!
we’ll talk soon!

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