tutorial:make a fabric covered lid for your picnic basket


before i begin…there will be a GIVEAWAY on monday.
yeah you are going to want to come back. with picnic season here…i wanted to take my second hand find and spruce it up to take it out with us on park trips

this little beauty only cost me $3…but the lid was less than desirable so i decided to do something about it to make her even prettier

got some fabric that i thought was kind of picnic-y and would also look good in my home when we weren’t using it.

first i went and got batting. i used two layers of it. placed it on top of my basket lid and cut off the extra.

then i traced an oval onto the back of my fabric using my batting i just cut out as the template

then i cut out (i did 2 inches out from my line) the oval i just made. the extra fabric will fold under my lid.

where the hinges are in the back i cut out some of the fabric (not the whole way up leave some to fold under) and i put a little dab of hot glue to make sure it stays put. did this to both hinges.

next i opened the lid and pulled through the fabric so that it was inside

then i placed hot glue onto the fabric.

make your you are caught up on your repentance for swear words cause if you get that glue on you and burn yourself…you will be swearing.

just as a general rule i pray a lot on my knees the hour before i do this just so i have a “savings” of prayer and repentance…just in case.(oh my gosh, YES…i’m joking)

once i got the hot glue on the fabric, i gently pressed onto the back side of the lid to secure.

when i got to the corners i made sure i tugged a little so i got smooth rounded edges

there you have it. not bad for $3

and perfect for in your house or out at a park!

now have a great weekend and i’ll see you on monday with a giveaway. WHOOT!

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