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spray painting again


the sun has been peeking its head out it every couple of days. and when it does i try my darnedest to get some painting done.
spraypainting needs to happen when the sun is out and the weather is a little bit on the warmer side.
i’ve been looking for a container for my daughter’s utensils.
with some spray paint, it becomes perfect for her little kitchen to hold all the things necessary to cook up a storm.

i love baskets.

have had this basket a little over 5 and half years, love the basket…but it needed some new paint.and now it fits more with what i’m trying to accomplish with my house…which is…i don’t know…i never really know what to call my style.

it’s like country meets junk or something but i’m not quite sure what to call it.

eclectic for sure…

maybe eclecjunktry

coincidentally this cream color is what i’m thinking of painting my armiore in my living room.

i’m hoping to do it before the end of the summer.

okay i’m aiming for sooner than that but just in case it doesn’t happen any time soon at least i said “sometime this summer” to you guys.

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