tutorial:: the perfect add on fabric flower


remember a while back i made my daughter a new flower hair clip? you all asked for a tutorial then.
then i posted about the textured pillow i made…

you all asked how i made the flowers…well here you go.

the basics on how to make the perfect add on flower to add just about anywhere you want to get a little extra pizazz. depending on how big you want your flower you will either add in width or take away in width.

for this particular flower (the biggest one found on my textured pillow) i cut out my strip of fabric at 2 1/2 inches. your length should be the length of a bolt of fabric (usually around 45 inches in length) at the end of my strip i cut off a little so that i had some left over for my fabric button that would be placed in the middle. (not much is needed…just approx 3 inches)

first you are going to thread your needle (make a knot at the end of your thread)

and you are going to do a loose running stitch at one side of your strip of fabric. do this the whole length of your strip.

gently pull your thread as you go it will naturally start curling up.

when all your gathering is done, tie off the end so it doesn’t unravel.

your curl should be wound up a little more (i usually end up with three layers of ruffled fabric)

go through all three layers of your flower with your needle and thread so that it holds it’s shape.
sew together your flower in the middle, a few times just to make sure it will stay put as it is.

next you will want to make a fabric button. i used this kit the instructions are right on the package, and it has everything you need to make it.

sew on your finished fabric button.

now you are going to attach your pin to the back of your flower.

you can either sew it on or hot glue gun it.

to make it into a hair clip i added a “single prong clip” you can sew or hot glue it onto the back of your flower. these can be found at any beauty supply store.

*also for the hair flower i cut the strip at 1 1/2 inches. (this way it doesn’t swallow up your daughter’s head, and there’s no threat of her catching wind and flying away.)

other ways to use this size of flower:

(granted not the best color combo but i’m making a new detachable purse for these rings just so i can put this pretty flower on it!)

if you make one make sure you put it on the Flicker group!

have fun!
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