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yes, she’s here


frijoles (beans) are simmering, trader joe recycled shopping bags are all over my kitchen, organic meats, fruits and vegetables are in my freezer and refrigerator. katie hasn’t touched the floor for more than two minutes in a row, univision has been found on our digital cable and my spanglish is flying all over the place.
yes, that can only mean one thing…
my mother is visiting.

pan de vonos
she makes these wonderful little breads that i grew up on.
my kids love it.
i love it.
my husband actually even made up a song about them…that’s how much he loves them.

before she got here she asked me to reprogram her ring tone to something ” latin“.
i had calle ocho in mind but she beat me to it and figured out (all on her own) how to change it to one of the already programed ring tones in her phone.
reason for picking the ring tone:
in cute heavy south american accent
“it had latin in the title”