inspirational tutorials

you know i’m all about tutorials and when i find them i bookmark them so that i can attempt to recreate or make something of my own using bits and pieces of information…here are a few that i think are note worthy: *so in love with this skirt tutorial …by whip up *this simple yet […]

tutorial::how to make a nine patch

okay so this nine patch quilt is made of nine squares to make one block and then a plain white block in between. i’m going to show you how to make the nine square block. (sorry about the pictures, they didn’t turn out super great but at least i had pictures!) first cut out strips […]

tutorial:: how to applique

so this is the “oh crap i have company coming over tonight and i need to make something holiday-ish looking” applique tutorial. it’s not my favorite looking applique technique but it gets the job done. maybe some other time i can show you “i’ve got time on my hands cause my husband is watching football […]

tutorial::how to make a country rustic sign

this tutorial is so darn easy you could do it in your sleep, but here you go, the steps to making your own: 1. get yourself a board, old weathered ones are the best and when you live out in the middle of nowhere that’s been around for a century and a half, trust me […]

tutorial:: how to make a pinwheel

so it’s quilt month over at mr monkeysuit and i decided to join the fun. for my little tidbit i’ve decided to make a tutorial on how to make a pinwheel, so you too can make a quilt like my little katie’s first you need four squares two of a color and two of white […]

tutorial:: binding your quilt

i don’t know about you but i can not follow directions without someone “showing” me. either in person or in pictures…so i hope this helps if you need it! (and yes that’s my katie quilt.) measure your quilt and determine how many strips you’ll need to cut for the whole quilt (i usually hate to […]

mad about yo-yo’s, red, and turquoise

well my HOLLY girly bags are coming along quite nicely, i’ll definitely be making the deadline i made for myself of wednesday at 2pm to stock up the store with the handbags. this weekend has been spent making yo-yo’s like a mad woman, and playing outside with the boys and the little one. oh and […]

tutorial:: no sew ironing board cover

what you’ll need: enough fabric to cover ironing board, a pencil and a hot glue gun. so this was my ironing board that i use ALL the time…pretty hammered and kind of ugly i flipped it over and with a pencil i traced around the ironing board, i then cut out it out leaving around […]

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