tutorial:: no sew ironing board cover


what you’ll need: enough fabric to cover ironing board, a pencil and a hot glue gun.
so this was my ironing board that i use ALL the time…pretty hammered and kind of ugly
i flipped it over and with a pencil i traced around the ironing board, i then cut out it out leaving around an inch and half extra seam allowance so i could easily tug and pull at the fabric to the under part of the board…
i then hot glue gunned the whole thing in a matter of minutes with only a few swear words leaving my mouth as i burned myself with the hot glue…i don’t recommend putting your finger on the hot part of the glue gun or on the hot glue that comes out of it either…i got a blister, that was NOT a happy maker. aside from the blister, and the couple of swear words that i now have to repent for…it was an overall super easy and super fast little project, and i’ve used it already all weekend long… and now its cute instead of drab and ugly!
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