tutorial::how to make a country rustic sign


this tutorial is so darn easy you could do it in your sleep, but here you go, the steps to making your own:
1. get yourself a board, old weathered ones are the best and when you live out in the middle of nowhere that’s been around for a century and a half, trust me there are a lot of old barns falling down…anywho
2. trace with chipboard (letters made out of cardboard, found at craft stores usually in the scrap booking area) onto your board with a pencil.
3. paint your letters: hint: use an angled paint brush and your straight lines will be easier to do.
4. let it completely dry…then take a power sander (i used my palm sander) and go to town on top of your letters.
5. distress some areas more than others, you can even wear away most of the paint here and there. you want it to look like it’s been out in weathered conditions so don’t be afraid to sand off some parts of your letters… see i told you it was easy!

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