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a few firsts


well yesterday was my first official day working at the local store where i will slowly be putting in furniture and handmade gifts. it’s been a long time since i’ve actually been somewhere other than my home to “work” 9 years to be exact. but it’s nothing like a normal job, i work while three of the 4 noise makers i call my children are at school, and the little one is able to stay with me or take a nap at my good friend ML’s house.

my second first is that i submitted my first article to blissfully domestic yeah apparently they need some local village idiots to help make the other REALLY talented people look good, so that’s where i come in. i’ll keep you posted on when it’s official and i’m in print on the site!

and my third and final first is that i cut my little one’s hair, i did a little stack layer thing in the back and longer in the front…yeah basically a little one’s version of my hair. i think it’s cute, i’ll make sure to get some pictures of it.

still no sewing going on due to lack of motivation and oh yeah my sewing machine is broken but i’ve started to cut out my nine patch blocks so i need to get on the ball with the motivation and selling more things so that i can fund me getting a new sewing machine!