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V and Co. how to: petit strawberry pin cusion


*ever go to a friends house and get confused as to which scissors/rotary cutter are yours?
*ever just need to pin some pins somewhere so you don’t lose them till you can get to your big pin cusion?
well this little strawberry is just for you!
it’s cute and functional, who doesn’t love that?

materials needed:
1 square cut to 3″ by 3″
1 rectangle cut to 2″ by 4″
dmc floss, or thin ribbon.
hot glue
poly fill

*first you will need you pink or red square that is 3″ by 3″ and your green rectangle that is 2″ by 4″.*next fold in half your square corner to corner with right sides together and draw a half arch from the corner of your folded square to the inside fold of your square.
*cut at the arch.
*when you open your fabric it should look like the picture above.
*fold back in half, sew using a 1/4″ seam allowance down the long open side of your folded fabric.
place two fingers (approx. 1″) from the bottom point.
*make a line parallel to the open top.
*sew on your marked line.
*cut off excess tail.
*turn inside out.
*take a needle and thread and do a running stitch around the top of the

*fill with poly fill as much as you can. gently pull the thread to seal the poly fill inside. if you can stuff a little more while sealing, do so.
*tie a knot to secure your strawberry.
*next fold the rectangle in half length wise, with WRONG sides together.
*draw a few leaves like mine above. do 4 or 5 leaves.
*sew on top of your drawn line. this will be the bottom part of the leaf.

*cut a hole large enough to be able to thread your dmc floss through the hole.
*take a piece of dmc floss or thin ribbon and cut to approx. 9″.
*thread both ends, (making a loop) into the hole you made in the middle of the leaf (making sure you thread just enough so you can hot glue it onto the underside of the leaf, and making sure that the drawn part will also be on the underpart of the leaf.)
*hot glue gun your ends to the underpart of the leaf.
*place a few more dots of hot glue on the leaf, and gently place, and firmly press in place on to the strawberries.

make one for all your cutting tools.
or make one for all your besties who sew.
enjoy a little hint of spring and always be able to pick out your cutting tools in a crowd.
we’ll talk soon.
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