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me x’s 3 in a magazine


yay yay YAY! i finally get to tell you about these quilts and pillow… you can find the pillow on the bottom right hand corner of the cover of this spring 2011 magazine of Quilts and More.

this little bit of info has been killing me not to spill seeing that i made the little sprout quilt (pg.30) and the three flower pillow a year ago…

but my diamond in the ruff (or argyle) quilt (pg. 86) was made and turned in, get this, a year ago last november. it’s diamonds and ruffles to make the argyle. it’s made of kate spain’s verna line, and i love it so, i can’t wait to get it back so i can take some more great pictures of it. yes, killing me i tell you! but i’m so happy and proud to let you know that you can now see (pattern included) in this springs magazine due out on Feb 8th.
and if you want to make the sprout quilt with the fabrics i used for the magazine,(bella solids and hunky dory by moda fabrics) the fat quarter shop is carrying the quilt kit. and it’s awesomely priced!
*sigh of relief* i don’t have to hold that info in anymore. okay that’s all the spilling of things i’ve been keeping from you that i’ll do…at least for a little while. >;p
okay back to sewing for my big day.
we’ll talk soon.
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