V and Co: What chocolate, a diet soda, and a good friend will get you

 Well first off isn’t Liz awesome? She’s even funnier in person. My “shipping department” is pretty cool, and she’s also a great friend. She saw how stressed out I was and even may have seen some tears when I listed off all the things I had agreed to do. This month is pretty much insane, […]

me x’s 3 in a magazine

yay yay YAY! i finally get to tell you about these quilts and pillow… you can find the pillow on the bottom right hand corner of the cover of this spring 2011 magazine of Quilts and More. this little bit of info has been killing me not to spill seeing that i made the little […]

hey psssssst

you may want to check out some pretty darn cool news about yours truly. i know i can hardly contain myself either…but i will till tomorrow when i talk a little more about it here, and give away a butt load of fabric, money, and yeah a signed copy of the book. see i told […]

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