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me at the sewing summit


this is what i’m wearing to my tv debut

oh man i promise i didn’t mean for all my “behind the blogging scenes” news to all come out at the same time, but it seems like it’s raining “vanessa’s dropping another thing she’s been holding from all of you.” over here.

i’m so excited and humbled and nervous to announce that yes, yours truly has been asked to speak at the sewing summit. if you’ve not heard about it, go get yourself learned. this is a conference that will take place on october 7th thru 9th in salt lake city at the little america hotel. i’m excited just alone about being able to stay at the little america hotel, seriously i’ll probably sleep soooo good! and then not to mention the teacher’s that have already been announced (and more to be announced as well!) i’m so excited to be able to see and be with some great friends i’ve met in the past, like amy of diary of a quilter. hey amy!we finally get to hang out for more than just a few minutes! and some i’ve never met but can’t wait to meet in person. including my great blogging friend alison of cluck cluck sew. hey al! we can finally laugh so hard in person and watch soda fly out our noses!

what i’ve been asked to speak on is:Photographing Your Creations – Simple Changes for Maximum Impact.

but i must admit, when amy and erin asked me to do this class my initial reaction was “HAHAhaha…ha…hmmm oh. what? you’re serious? wait, you know i’m not even close to being a professional right?”

erin answered back “that’s why we want you, people like your pictures, and we want the regular gal to learn from another regular gal.” so erin thank you so much for boosting my confidence, even if just a smidge, and i promise to continue to research and keep learning more as time goes on so i can bring even more to the table!

and well people, if i am anything i am most def a regular gal,still learning the ropes, but if you want to come and learn a few things i’ve learned thus far to help represent your creations the way you want them to in a photograph come and make sure to sign up. but if photography isn’t what you want to learn, just wait and watch what other classes and teachers they have lined up! i know i’m already planning on trying to catch as many classes i can while i’m up there!

so now that i’ve dropped a few things this last week of what i’ve been working on, are you ready for a few more things to surface? hmmm maybe one more next week. 😉

have a great weekend.
i’m hoping for a relaxing one with the husband and kids.
unfortunately my husband just saw that the syfy original movie of megapython vs gateroid will be airing this Saturday and got excited like a little school girl.
sometimes i think he does these things just to screw with me.
wish me luck.
we’ll talk soon.

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