V and Co: how to’s for Valentines day


Well another year is upon us and I’m up to my eyeballs already and it’s only the second week in January. I guess that’s just the way it goes right? Well, with January already well on it’s way we need to do a round up of our next holiday: VALENTINES DAY! 

I wanted to highlight one of my quilts from the Simply Color: Red book
this one is called Queen of Hearts. It now lives permanently on the end of my daughter’s bed, she’s kind of obsessed with it so I let her have it after all the books were done. For pictures though we placed it on the chair and she wanted to be in the picture with Judgy Cat so I said sure…and this is what we got. 🙂 Glad she loves it. And glad the cat loves her just as much as being on the quilt itself.

And well here’s a few of the past tutorials and such things I’ve done celebrating February!

Wool heart Garland

Reverse applique gathered heart

I heart you quilt 

Reverse applique pleated heart

 Ombre painted heart tote

Heart french knot pincushion

Rice hand warmers

Pink bloom appliqué bag

Now if you don’t mind me off to the daily grind. On the horizon should be a couple of new patterns in the SHOP and also continue to patiently wait for the V and Co ombre. (by the end of January!!)

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