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The day has come! Well, more like last week but I’ve been a busy individual and can only keep up with my Instagram account on a more regular basis these days! Please go and support your Local Quilt Store and Online Quilt Store that has bought the V and Co Ombre fabric and tell them thank you for seeing the vision! 

 The patterns for the Ombre fabric are in my shop (this one is called Criss Cross Applesauce)

I am so excited to keep working and creating more patterns for these fabrics, it’s really quilt exciting!

BUT you know what’s even more exciting?!

Watching projects pop up in my Instagram feed under #VandCoOmbre

lets do a little show and tell shall we?

(all images are linked back to either my instragram feed or the individuals instagram feed or website)

This quilt is just stunning Christie Fincher is a master at quilting. Piecing and appliqué alike she amazes me. This is a pattern that will be available soon on her site.

I absolutely LOVE this quilt! Shannon realized after she had finished making her stars…that she needed more stars. So she opened up and cut into her V and Co Ombre fabric and added more stars to make this quilt just stunning! I love it and well, I may need to get on the ball and start making one of my own as well. Find her blog here

 I’ve shared in the past Meike’s butterflies before but she just keeps making more and with more colors and I just looooooove them! Pattern is by Lilly Ella   and it can be found here 

Well you know my obsession of hexagons! And Lindsey is doing such an amazing job! I can’t wait to see this all done!

 One of my favorite quilt patterns this last time was my Rising Star Quilt pattern…and well it seems like shop owners are loving it too!

It seems like it’s shop favorite to make up and hang in their store to show off the V and Co Ombre in all it’s glory!

 Here we have Oklahoma Quilt Works showing off their Rising Star Quilt (and they have kits available!)

And then we have another wonderful store sample by Urban Spools. I love it! And they have kits available as well!

This is just a sampling of what is going on in the V and Co Ombre World! I’m super happy and content with the response to this fabric. 🙂

And with that I’ll leave you with a sneak peek of two new patterns coming (I’m hoping this next week)

First we have Fruit Salad and I promise it’s yummy to look at 🙂 

And then we will have ahem a cat butt on my Moroccan Getaway Quilt…which will chase away all your winter blues away and warm you up with all the bright color play!

New patterns = next week

See you next week. 🙂

Check out the Instagram account for more inspiration and projects! 

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