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V and Co: how to make: Wool Felt Heart Garland


 Hello February!

I can’t believe it’s already February but sure enough the date doesn’t lie.

I’m not a HUGE decorator for the holidays. I’ve mentioned that a time or two…but every so often it’s nice to do a little project to make the upcoming holiday a little fun.

 Garlands are probably the easiest and quickest way to throw something together and dress up the house a little for whatever the occasion.

 This garland is made from wool felt. (you know the really nice stuff that’s kind of expensive)

But you could make it out of just regular crafting felt as well. 🙂

 This garland can be made in less than an hour. So got kids? Perfect! You will feel accomplished and be able to do this project start to finish at nap time!

Let’s get started:

 What you’ll need:

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1 3 1/2″ square piece of paper

marking pen

Thread: I used aurifil 50wt white

Fabric Scissors

6 light pink- 3 1/2″ wool felt squares

6 medium pink- 3 1/2″ wool felt squares

6 red- 3 1/2″ squares wool felt squares

 1. Fold in half your paper square and draw half a heart.

2. Cut out your heart and pin on your 3 1/2″ wool felt square.

3. Continue to cut out hearts from 4 of your 6 wool felt squares (of each color)

4. From your last 2 wool felt squares cut in half (1 1/2″) length wise and then again to create 8 total 1 1/2″ squares 

 5. Lay out how you would like to have your garland to hang. I started with three of the squares on point to make them look like diamonds and then added a couple of hearts.

 I laid them out till all of them were lined up in one long line.

6. Stack up the squares and hearts in order (I started from the last one laid down to the first one I put down) 

7. Sew your squares on point down the middle (From corner to corner) not leaving too much space between them. (start your first one with a backstitch)

8. Sew your heart shape close to where the inverted point is on your heart, this will assure that your heart will hang upright.

Continue until you finish sewing through all your shapes.

**To store your garland after you are done for the season, wrap it around an old wooden spool as shown…or if you don’t have one don’t worry…an paper towel roll or toilet paper roll will work just the same as well…

Mine is hanging on my mantle in the living room, but this would be cute hanging off a mirror, a buffet, on the wall, or hung in windows. Anywhere really. 

If you would like to purchase a kit of the wool felt all cut up into the 3 1/2″ squares visit my shop. Limited kits are available. 

And hey! Lets do free shipping with code FREESHIP at the check out cause I love ya. 🙂

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