tutorial: decorating a pot with jute


mother’s day is right around the corner. and shortly after that the end of school.
wouldn’t a pot filled with flowers be the perfect (and easy!) gift to give to the mother’s and teachers in your life?
a plain pot will do just fine…but one with a little more character would be better.
ready? it’s really simple. here we go:
what you’ll need:
one clay pot
gardening jute (found in your gardening section in home depot or walmart.)
hot glue gun with glue ready to go.
first start with a glob of glue right under the lip of your clay pot.
this is your starting point.
put the end of your jute onto the glue.
now you are going to go around making a thin line with your hot glue around the base of your lip of the clay pot. (not too long of a line because you don’t want it to cool)
drag your jute on top of the hot glue. press down a little. just don’t burn yourself!
once you get around the whole pot, you will continue just slightly under the first row.
just like so.
continue till you get the look you want.

want another option?
what about polka dots.
yup make em like this:

take a dab of hot glue
place the end of your jute on the dab of hot glue.
twine around your start. just like the picture above.
all the while adding a tiny bit of glue to the outer side…
continue to twine around.
till you get the size you want. cut off the end and dab a tiny bit of glue to keep your end down. make as many polka dots you want.

these pots bring a little bit of spring to your decor. i’ve been having fun placing them all over my house.
so much, that i really don’t want to give them away for mother’s day or to the kid’s teachers…so off to the garden section i go to buy some MORE so i can keep mine!v and co loves her sponsors! AH i have these and they are totally on sale right now at burgundy buttons!
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