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V and Co: how to: easy fall wreath


 okay now this may be a no brainier of a project. but i made it and  it was such a steal of a project and it made my house a little festive so i thought i would share it.

so a few days into october i wanted to change my hydrangea wreath to something more fall-ish. so i went to tj maxx to find something real quick.

i really couldn’t find anything but this wreath up above.

so i bought it with the intention of keeping the receipt and keeping the tag on it and trying it out for at least a week to see if it would work.

i wasn’t all that impressed.

so i started to look online to see what i wanted. i found this  but for $56…uh i don’t think so.

 i went to Micheal’s and they had their long fall garlands on sale for 60% off. yup i bought my garland for like $8. and i already had the wreath in my storage (you can find them at Micheal’s for pretty cheap as well plus use your 40% off yeah…not a bad deal)

 i did have to buy these floral cloth wires for $1.98 but i used my 40% off on them. and didn’t use more than like three or four of them, so i can use them again in another wreath in the future. i figured this was a pretty good deal and no where near $56 buckaroos, and way better (and cheaper) than the $16.99 tj maxx wreath.

here’s what i did:

 first i wanted a rough estimate of how much i was going to need on my wreath. so i placed it on top, making sure that all the leaves were facing up.

 then i cut a few of the cloth wires just large enough that it would be easy to work with (around 3″)

then i hooked the wire through the wreath and the garland (this particular garland was made of chains, so every three chains i looped and tied a wire) if your garland doesn’t have a chain just hook through the wreath and around the main part of the garland.

 once i got back to where i started i cut off the excess part of the garland.

 here is the wreath with the garland tied on and on the right side is the rest of the cut off garland.

 as i looked at my wreath i didn’t like how bare some of the places looked. so i took the remainder part of the garland to fill in the places that seemed bare.

 i mainly used three chains cut and then tied into the wreath with the wire, and i used the rest of the garland to fill in the less filled in spots.

 what i got was a pretty good cheap (but not cheap looking) version of that $56 wreath.

 here it is on my front door, and yes there is my daughter’s adorable dog looking all kinds of pathetic because she was at school and i had walked away from him for a minute.

so now…lets start thinking of a good winter-y one that will be worthy of hanging on the V and Co door.

ps: my colombian mother is here visiting. 🙂 i love when she’s here because by the end of her visit my kids are speaking spanglish and asking for uvas and leche instead of grapes and milk. oh and she gets her cook on and we get to eat pandevonos, which i love and can never replicate quite like her. we’ve got a few fun things to do, but she’s mainly helping me with organizing and whipping me back into speaking spanish fluently.

pps: my birthday is on thursday and i’m giving away stuff to make it fun and not depressing that i’m moving past the hump of 35 and turning 36.


we’ll talk soon.