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V and Co: a craptastic giveaway for my 3-6


so yes i turn the big three-six today.

for some reason the number 36 is hard to look at. i soooo don’t feel 36, i feel uh…maybe 26. 26 would be so doable. if i were turning 26 i would so totally be like “i’m so cool i’m reaching my prime and i totally have 10 years till i turn crochety 36 and 14 years till i turn GASP 40. but haha that’s sooo far away. but 36 is like… flarrrg. 🙂 36 is 4 freaking years till i’m 40. AHHH! breathe. breathe. breathe…

okay well it’s not really THAT bad (well it is but not really), but it is kind of weird to think i’m that old. i mean don’t get me wrong throw in 4 kids and a weak bladder, i definitely feel 36 but other than that and the varicose vein that throbs and the ooookay…moving on.

so to celebrate and make myself feel better i’m going to give stuff away, to make others happy will make me happy and totally take some of the attention off of what’s at hand here today.

check what i’ve been collecting:

i’ve got fabric, i’ve got patterns, i’ve got books, i’ve got scentsy products, i’ve got notions, i’ve got aprons and i’ve got…well crap load of stuff to make up my “craptastic giveaway day” and to make me feel like this is a good fun day!

we’ve got charm packs from andover, kona, and moda.

we’ve got a layer cake, and we’ve got cute little mini charm packs, some of future lines due to come out and oh some not featured! (they are kate spain’s current and a couple of new line) but yeah i got these babies from market.

and ahem lets not forget to mention one lucky person will be receiving a fat quarter bundle

we’ve got cute little notebooks from lizzy house.

and i’ve got a scensty warmer and three of my fav smells for the fall and winter season going to one lucky winner. (pictured above)

i’ve got by far one of my FAVORITE books ever:  Oliver + S Little Things To Sew to give away.


i can sit and stare at this book every day all day. and sometimes i do. 🙂 i have yet to make something from it, but the pictures alone make me happy so i can only imagine what it would feel like to have something made from the book. 🙂 soon. hopefully.

and last but not least i have this apron that i just got. cause you know holidays are a coming and fast! and i don’t want to get any cooking on me, and you probably dont either sooo, i’m giving away one apron of your choosing from this site.

so here’s how to enter. no, i’m not going to make you jump through a thousand hoops to get a chance to win something.

but there are two things you can do:

first and foremost:

1. just wish me a non crappy birthday. 🙂 that’s all i ask.

second if you wanna: 

2. go to the terrace hill site and come back and tell me which apron you would pick as your winning. (basically so if you are randomly picked i already know what to order!)

but PLEASE PLEASE leave an email address attached to the bottom of your comment. you can even write like this: vanessa[dot]christenson [at]gmail[dot]com if you are afraid of spam getting you. but at least this way it makes it so easy to pick winners and let you know that you won that it makes me not want to pull my hair out.

i will pick the winners (i haven’t counted how many there will be…but you’ll see the list of them) on monday. 🙂

oh and to add to the fun: 

for today only i am giving you 50% off all patterns in my shop. just enter the code PDF36 for pdf patterns and PAPER36 for paper patterns at the check out and you will get your patterns (paper and pdf) for half off. offer is for today only and will expire at midnight central time so load up on it. 🙂

sale end! wow!!! thanks!

oh and last but not least: since i know all of your are going to be partying up for my birthday today, go ahead and take tomorrow off, i mean it’s a national holiday for that reason. so might as well use it up. 😛

okay i’m going to go eat chocolate, drink diet caffeine free diet dr pepper, and watch friends for a while. then maybe i’ll get around to eating normal food and getting into some jeans for the day.

have a sweet weekend. we’ll talk next week. best of luck.

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