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V and Co: how to make: ombre dutchman free quilt pattern


 welcome welcome!

i’m so excited to finally have the time to share this with you! it’s been sitting here since last may when i made this quilt for quilt market.

but as you all know the kiddos are in school now and i did my “go and do everything i’ve not been able to do since june 1st without children” all in two days.

i went to get my car detailed, went grocery shopping, to fabric stores, went to hang out with friends, went to eat with-friends-went-to-target-went-and-walked-around-places-just-because-i-could-AND-THEN-I-WENT-AND-ATE-CHOCOLATE-IN-THE-MIDDLE-OF-THE-DAY-IN-THE-KITCHEN!!!!!!!!!!!




so i got it all out of my system and now i am able to get back to work.

it’s basically a mom’s version of the first weekend of college for freshman when they realize there’s parties and no parents around. not that i would know anything about that…i’ve just heard about that kind of stuff.

anyways. what were we talking about. OH yes, here’s my project i’ve been wanting to show you.

this quilt is a lovely quilt 48″ x 48″ and perfect for babies or for a wall.

it looks like i used different shades of fabric, but in actuality i used my ombre fabric. 

i used the gray, navy, teal, and lime green for this particular project. 

lets get started

what you will need: 

-1/2 yard fabric of green, blue, teal, and gray.

-1 1/2 yards of fabric of white or background fabric.

-rotary cutter

-erasable pen/pencil


-ruler to cut strips and to trim down HST (half square triangles) 

 from each color (gray, teal, navy, green) of fabric:

cut 4– 4″ x WOF (width of fabric) strips

  -sub cut from strips 20- 4″ squares

from white fabric:

cut 4– 12 1/2″ x WOF strips

  -sub cut from strips 16- 12 1/2″ squares

-put aside 16- 4″ from each color (you’ll trim these down a little bit later but lets leave all the trimming to the same time)

-next pair up lights and darks and mediums to create contrasting HSTs (half square triangles)

and please don’t freak out that it’s pink, i totally missed taking pictures the first time around of a quite a few steps so i made some of the steps using pink. 

-with your erasable pen/pencil draw a line from corner to corner on the wrong side of one the squares in the paired up squares.

 -sew a 1/4″ seam from the drawn line on both sides of the line

-cut on the drawn line

 -when you open up each side you will have a HST square.

-do this to all your paired up squares

 – trim down each to 3 1/2″ square (and even the squares you put aside)

 use 1/4″ seam unless otherwise instructed

-place first row and sew as follow: 2 squares

-second row 2 HST then sew it to the first two squares to create a 6 1/2″ square

-sew the two 3 1/2″ squares on either side of the second row.

-third row you are going to sew 4 HSTs and sew it to the above sewn block

 -sew two more squares on either side of the third row

 -fourth row…you know the drill… but this time sew 6 HST squares

 -and again sew two more squares at either side

 -take one of your 12 1/2″white square and place it on one side of your “step up triangle”

-i like to draw a line so that i can have a guide to follow.

(hint: make sure you dont sew over your points of the squares already sewn)

pin in place

-sew on the line

 -cut off excess

 -repeat on the other side!

 – and there here’s your first one done!!!

now do it again for all the other ones

 -place your blocks the way you see them in the picture above.

-sew your blocks

 i quilted my quilt by using my walking foot  and quilted straight lines just like i did in my reverse hopscotch.

i am going to enjoy this little bit of time to work again. and then i’m sure once we get close to summer vacation again i’ll be ready to take a break and hit the pool again. but i’m getting ahead of myself, right now i’m just relishing in the blissful 6 full hours of the only noise being made by me and my talking to the animals and my working on the sewing machine.

🙂 school rocks.

we’ll talk soon.

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