tutorial: fabric flower ring


here’s the post i was too sick to do last week. i’m feeling better. thank you for your kind words. and no i didn’t burn the toast on purpose, that actually happened (a few days earlier…i just thought it was funny and so i took a picture.) who knew that it was a perfect picture for how i would feel a few days later. but yes, a little better on the sickness…not all better. but good enough. 😉 hope your weekend was nice a lovely.
okay…now onto our regularly scheduled post:
here’s a perfect ring to give to a friend, mother, daughter, wife, or yourself.
with a few and easy steps you can make this lovely little (okay kinda big) fabric flower ring for whoever you chose!

*one strip of fabric measuring at 1 inch by 10 inches.
*one adjustable ring blank
*hot glue

i have kits for this ring in my shop yes that’s right i’m making the move to big cartel.
paypal friendly, codes allowed for discounts, not nickle and diming me to death all made it easier for me to make the move. yes you will see my newer designs in my bc shop. i’ll keep my etsy open…but assuming all goes well sooner than later all will be moved and only operating through V and Co. the shop .
the kits come in three colors for now but if you are interested in another color just contact me either through email or through my “contact” in my shop and we’ll see what i can do for you!
each kit comes with enough fabric and a ring blank. okay i digress.

ready to get started? here we go:

first you will need to get your fabric cut to 1 inch by 10 inches. (it doesn’t have to be perfect we’re going for wonky)
dab a little bit of hot glue at the end of your strip and fold in half. secure.
dab another bit of hot glue and fold in half

dab a little bit of hot glue to the end again…

this time you are going to fold over like the picture above. (fold down instead of in half again)
now you are going to twist your fabric a little
and dab a little bit of hot glue to the “base”
i like to make sure my fabric is twirled a little on the tighter side(but not too tight!). this will make your flower smaller and tighter.
continue to twist and twirl your fabric all the while adding a dab of hot glue to secure your new twist to the last twist.

when you get your flower as big as you want it (making sure you leave a little bit of a tail)
add some hot glue to the bottom of your flower and fold and secure your tail at the bottom of your flower flat.
next cut off the extra tail that shows.
next you will get your adjustable ring blank
place a dab of hot glue on to it and
secure your ring. let cool.
what i love about these rings is that they are adjustable and comfortable so no matter how big or small your fingers are the ring base will work for you!
now get ready to wear your new ring!

buy your kit here.
thanks for your support.
this week we have another guest blogger. (oh just wait what she has to show you!)
and i’ll have another tutorial by me for the woman in your life having a brand new little one!
we’ll talk soon!
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