mini tutorial: vintage looking signs


first off, i just have to say you have entertained me for the past few days with your comments! everything from laughing and agreeing with my sentiments about the tree, to stories about how much more crazy you are than me, to touching stories of memories of when your mother finally gave in to the ugly tree, or your memories of how awesome your mom was to let you have your stuff on the tree.
whatever the case… thanks
my family and i had a blast reading your comments! 🙂

ready to see ONE of the things i’ve been working on? (yes i’m working on seasonal projects too and will show those later on next week possibly.)
so i like “vintage” looking things. if i can get my hands on the real thing it’s like christmas no matter what time of the year it is… but too often that doesn’t happen, and if i do come across something, it’s too expensive for me to feel good about it.
so i decide to make my own.
you’ve seen my country sign tutorial where i take a stencil and draw and paint on each letter.
well here’s an alternative, with design and picture possibilities. both signs shown in this post were created the same way.
what you need first:
wood. old barn wood if you have it. with chipped paint even better.

first things first, make sure you sand down wood and get rid of some of the chipping paint.
clean off with a wet rag.
next, take your barn wood and spray paint it with the color you want as your lettering and picture. (with the mom’s pie sign i spray painted red first)
next get vinyl lettering. i got mine here. (the gal is super nice and is willing to do custom orders for whatever you want your sign to say.) or you can buy these ones featured here as well.
after your base paint has completely dried, place your vinyl lettering on top of your wood board.
make sure you press it down really well. you don’t want paint seeping under.
next get your top coat paint. this will be the main color of your sign. i used spray paint that i had sitting in my garage from past projects.
once you are satisfied that your board is completely covered in the top coat. let it sit for a while so it completely dries.
next you are going to peel off your vinyl letters.
slowly peel it off. some chipping paint will come off with it as well. that’s okay you want it too look old right?
next take a power sander and sand over the top of your board till you get the look you want.
and you are done.
kind of easy and a good fast gift for someone, or to keep for yourself.

hope you have a good weekend.
mine should be rather laid back.

i’ve done all my christmas shopping online this year so YAY to being done with that!
i’m trying to get back into quilting mode.
hope to get something accomplished here on that soon.
we’ll see how i do!
see you monday.
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