hand made holiday wreath


well, first off hello! so nice to meet so many of you! i got to chat with a few of you (um, those of you that have your email attached to your comments sure make it easier to correspond with! hint hint to the rest of you.) 😉
yes, yes…i’ll pick someone (rather random generator will) and i’ll give you something. probably later today…i’m still working my tail off trying to finish next weeks challenge for sytyc. i think it will turn out cute. i hope. and i have my son’s birthday to prepare for. so for now here’s a mini tutorial of a holiday wreath i made last week.
this is just one of the holiday-ish project i’ve been working on. how many more i will be able to completely finish in time to show you…i don’t know but i’m just knocking them off one at a time.
if i were to be able to pick how my christmas tree would look like, it would have these three colors on it. granted yes, it looks like it belongs in the book how the grinch stole christmas
. but those are my colors at the moment!
how i created this wreath is basically the same way i created my pine cone wreath, except this time i used 2 packages of these little foam balls i bought at tai pan. i lightly spray painted the foam wreath green.

and of course just like the pine cone wreath it took some time and patience. i only burned my fingers like 10 times with the hot glue, but now instead of actually “swearing”, have resolved to using the phrase “oh swear word!” it works just as good. thanks to the nice gal pal that i heard using that phrase at church the other day. i laughed pretty hard and thought i would give it a whirl. go ahead you know you want to as well.
and there you have it, a holiday wreath worthy of being part of the “how the grinch stole christmas
” scenery.
we’ll talk soon.
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