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turning 8


i can’t believe it, but yeah, you are turning 8 today!

right now:
*you have this wonderful gift of paying attention to detail, and with that, the gift of knowing when someone needs a hug or a compliment. you’ve done this for me many many times. 😉

*you are super smart and LOVE to read books.

*your wit makes the whole family laugh. (i’d like to say that comes from me, your dad insists he’s the funnier one between the two of us, but i have the blog audience to back me up…what does he have? ahem, i digress.)

*you STILL love anything clone troopers.

*you are shy and don’t say much the minute we step out of our house.

*you love your brothers , and especially your little sister. they are your best friends.

*we finally convinced you to try a sport, you are going to do basketball for the first time this school year.

*you love traditions and so you have started the continuation of the love of the infamous ice cream cake for your birthday.

*you will get baptized this january and are super excited. 🙂

*you are a joy and a wonderful son. we are so lucky to be your parents, and we hope the best for you this wonderful and VERY SPECIAL year!!!

happy birthday ryan!
we love you!