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how to: mini banner for a doll house


so katie has been playing with her doll house a lot these days. she got her’s from her older cousin who no longer needed it. she loves it and always has little scenarios going on in it. whether it be strawberry shortcake and her pals or little princesses, or my little pony…there’s always something going on in this little house. sooooo. i decided to make a mini banner for her house so that whenever there was a need for a party there would be decoration to help with the celebration:
when i was editing these pictures…i started snickering because the pictures were taken as i set up the shots but then katie started to play with them and well…it kind of tells a funny little story…here you go… a story in pictures:

LOOK! somebody’s having a part-ay!

little miss my little pony has arrived to her special surprise party! all her girl friends are here and they are rearing to go!
great food, good friends…
drinks being served in the kitchen…
ahem a few too many drinks served in the kitchen…
okay waaaaay too many drinks served in the kitchen…a call from the neighbor and that was enough to get it shut down for the night.
a few minutes after the chaos had died down, the spoiled princess came all dolled up and ready to be admired by all but were highly disappointed when they found themselves in an empty house with no admirers in sight.

the end.

how to make your own part-ay banner for a doll house.
what you will need:

paper with small pattern or no pattern.
a penny.
and a sewing machine.
trace on the back side of the paper you are going to use, a circle using your penny.
cut out your circles.
then cut those circles in half.
sew your half circles, and pull a tiny bit of thread in between each half circle.
tape up in any little doll house and watch your daughter have tons of fun with it!!!

btw thanks for your stories about gray/grey hairs! you made me laugh and ALMOST think it was okay to have a few. just almost though.

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have a great weekend!
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