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not the right kind of gray


please excuse this fellow blogger for just a minute (or two) as she may be dealing with a tiny mid life crisis as she may or may not of found her first gray hair EVER last week, and since telling that one gray hair to “suck that! stupid gray hair!” while she was trying to dispose of it by plucking it out and then flushing it away… that said gray hair then retaliated by sending up 5 more gray hairs all over the top of her said head earlier on this week.
plus i have some stuff i’m dealing with…that will take me away from this site for a few days… (not bad i promise) and if all goes well, things will be a little less gray hair making and then i can just focus on my gray dress hunt and then start looking for that perfect new hair color out of a bottle.
we’ll talk soon, and i have a new cute fall decor how to when i come back…
exit said dramatic blogger…
cue in ellalator music…

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