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V and Co: selvage zipper tote for BERNINA


well, the day has arrived where i get to talk a little about my relationship with BERNINA

i bought my first bernina 5 years ago. 

actually back up.

my husband bought me my bernina for my birthday 5 years ago.

it was the best birthday gift he has ever given me. 

second best was my flat iron. yes, you know because i have monica from friends hair remember? (man i miss blogging about stupid stuff…maybe i’ll start that up again…)

anyways, when i got my first bernina machine i turned it on and immediately i felt the difference between my new bernina sewing machine, and the old not bernina one i had been using for years.

it’s like overnight i became a better piecer, (thank you 1/4″ seam foot!) and a much better seamstress in general.

i KNOW it has to do with the sewing machine because i didn’t just wake up and become that much better over night due to my skills. 

so fast forward to my craftsy class…and well what do you know i got to sew on the new bernina 380  and fell in even more in love with the bernina sewing machines.

then i got to work briefly with the 780 and holy swear word that was a freaking amazing experience and i am grateful for that! 

i have since settled quite nicely with my 580 and i think we fit well together. katie has been learning on my 580 and i’ll blog about that in a little bit. it’s been cool to see her at such a young age really love to learn. tearing up. stupid hormones..k what was i talking about…oh yeah.

i have the privilege to work as a bernina ambassador, and one of my duties is to create a few fun projects for the WE ALL SEW blog

 for my first project over there i decided to make a fun little selvage zipper tote.

i give you step by step instructions on:

*how to create your selvage blocks

*how to use your zipper foot to create the best looking sewn in zipper 🙂

*and how to finish your adorable bag

i used a lot of pictures (just like i always do!)

and of course written instructions to go with all the pictures.

so head on over to the BERNINA blog, tell them i sent you. and let me know what you think of my first project over there.

if you have any bernina machine questions i will most happily answer them in the comments section, and if i don’t know…i have my bernina dealer quilt shop here in town that is awesome and full of knowledge in the bernina world and can give me the answer to just about anything you throw at me. 🙂


have a fantabulous day.

we’ll talk soon. 😉