V and Co how to: mini zig zag quilt


the other day katie came to me with a big frown on her face.
“what’s wrong?” i asked her
she then holds out a pink with more pink doll quilt in one hand and the harley monkey in the other and in a very disappointed tone replied “MOM, he’s a BOY.”
so we made little harley a boyish quilt.

this little zig zag quilt is fast to make and easy to quilt (just follow the lines) so within a couple of hours the little monkey man had his very own cute (yet manly) quilt to cuddle in.
and well katie, she was happy that her monkey no longer had to deal with his feminine side

okay so first things first. you are going to need a special ruler for this project:

Wrights(R)/EZ Acrylic Template Companion Angle 10 Inch (i hope to make more things with this ruler, but for now lets learn how to make zig zags shall we?)

6 color fabric strips cut to 1 1/2″ in width.
6 white fabric strips cut to 1 1/2″ in width.
ez ruler

how to assemble blocks:

first you are going to take your strips, and with a 1/4″ seam allowance you are going to place right sides of the fabrics facing and sew down your strips together.

open and press your seams to the color fabric side of the strip.
now we are going to use the ruler
*place your ruler tip at the top of your strip, and as far to the left as you can having fabric be under the ruler.
*cut your fabric.
*turn your ruler upside down (like the picture above) and make your next cut.
*continue to cut your triangles alternating the position of the ruler.
you should get: triangles from one strip
*you should come out with 5 triangles of each color combo.

*take one of each color combo and with right sides together, sew a 1/4″ seam allowance on the longest part of the triangle.
*open and press with an iron. your block will look like these up above.

*to create the quilt you will have 5 blocks across and 6 blocks down.
*place them alternating your stripes like the picture above.

*sew your 5 blocks across together, then sew your 6 strips down together.

*to quilt your little quilt:
– place backing (facing out) batting then quilt top (facing out towards you)
-pin in place your quilt (i would suggest using safety pins instead of pins like i did because i stuck myself so many times it isn’t funny, as a matter of fact if i were still catholic i would need to go to confession with how many slips of the tongue i had with every time i got stuck with a stupid pin)
– stitch in the ditch following zig zags.

use my binding instructions to finish your quilt.
now our monkey has a “boyish” quilt and i have a very happy little girl.
all is good.
thank you and goodnight.
ps: thanks for your love and support and understanding of my last post.
we’ll talk soon.