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new dining room table and chairs


sooooo i finally did it…i’ve been talking for YEARS about replacing our dining room table and chairs. our last one seen here and then in our new house here has been wonderful for 13 years. it’s served our little family when it was just the two of us and we slowly graduated to 3, 4, 5, then 6 people in our family…and well it still served us well. that last table has had so many spills and has gone through 10 moves. that table was the table my husband bought when he was still my fiance and was so proud when he bought it from some guy who was probably married for 13 years or so and was finally upgrading to a bigger table.

and now here we are 13 years of marriage and upgrading to a bigger table. it’s from IKEA. i wanted a slightly bigger one but ended up with this one because of the length. the other one would of worked, but it’s okay because now i really like this one and it’s grown on me. (i don’t do change well in general so no big surprise there!) this little sucker will sit up to 12 people. oh yeah baby! no more sitting in each others laps when the in laws or my mom come to visit! yay! anywho…i walked away around christmas time with just the table because the plan was to buy a couple of chairs each month as i came to save up for them. i’m happy to announce that i’ve saved up enough and have bought a few sets. yay me! i ended up buying these chairs because i felt like they went with the table and the look i was going for. but…now here’s the big question:
what color am i going to paint my big EAT on the wall?…
any suggestions? i’m leaning towards black or gray.
maybe brown…or heck what about a walk on the wild side and do mustard yellow, orange, or teal? but not red, because i don’t think it would go well? am i wrong?

edited: thanks for all the suggestions! i think i’ve narrowed it down to two colors…i’ll paint and report! probably when the cold dies down a little, and when i finally make my decision…hmmmm maybe keep the suggestions coming.