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happy birthday to my 3rd noisemaker, aka the loudest one, aka monkey man, aka little man, aka the one who does not stop.

some fun facts about you right now:

* you have always been a smiley baby, you are very much a smiley kid.
*after many years of only wanting to eat cereal, you now have this crazy love of corn dogs. you would have them for breakfast if i’d let you.
*you still love to cuddle and sit in my lap.
*you and katie fight like cats and dogs, but when you aren’t you are the best of friends.
*you absolutely love and admire your older brothers.
*you love to be outside running, jumping, riding your bike.
*you learned to swim this last summer and by the end of the summer, you were jumping off the high dive in the deep end.
*you are a picky eater but you’ll give things a try because i ask you.
*you make people feel loved.
*you are so loud that whenever you are quiet we need to ask “what’s wrong?”

we love you. you are so important to our family and we appreciate all the unconditional love you give to us.

happy birthday little man.
we’ll have a party and eat what YOU want today!
heaven help us all.

ps: monday= giveaway. 🙂