look at you guys go!


to say that i’ve been busy these past two weeks would be an understatement.

i’ve been multi-crafting for different places, people, and things (on top of sytyc) (you’ll hear more about that in the future for sure). i’ve also been multi-volunteering at the kids’ school.
being on the community council takes a lot of hours, sometimes during the school time and sometimes after wards as well. not to mention, being mom, wife, homework warden, dinner cooking lady, and laundry avoiding gal… well, basically i’ve been multi-tasking in every aspect in my life, even when on the toilet, and in my sleep it seems.

i don’t mind being busy…actually i think i thrive in it…but these last two weeks have felt like i’ve been running a marathon. i’m tired. and am feeling quite accomplished. and am happy to be at this end of the tunnel.

but check you guys out! i’m not the only one that’s been busy…look at you guys go with the v and co tutorials!
i love getting links, emails, and pictures of things you guys have made with my tutorials! here are a few but not all of them:

little miss monica of the happy zombie made the cutest version of my turkey. look at her potatoes and carrots!

my super talented friend rachel made the pinecone wreath… um her hutch is amazing as well.

long time reader and someone i consider a friend as well lambie-pie, made her pinwheel quilt with my pinwheel tutorial.

jenn made this turkey for her brother who’s over in iraq right now. she made lettuce too but her puppy got a hold of it! my boys thought the camo was so cool. thanks a lot now i have to make three more turkeys with camo!

jenn over at lipstick and laundry made a turkey for her little turkey! i’m loving the little kitchen

karly used my spray painted pillows tutorial to make her pillow. way to go, it looks so cute!

becky had a rough go at it in the beginning, but finally came out looking great with her pine cone wreath! good job!!

donna senese made these fabric balls. very nice!

and gorillagirl5 made this lovely sign perfect for the holidays!

very nice, and always so rewarding to my heart that so many of you are being successful with the instructions i give!

now if you don’t mind me i’m off get to bed so i can get up early to watch “THE MOVIE”.
i’ve heard it’s not the joke it was the first time, and i’m so excited because it’s just a few of us moms driving up north so we can see it on the big screen…and eat cafe rio, and lolly gag around IKEA.
🙂 have a good weekend, i’ll see you monday.