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sytyc:week four


new moon:
i don’t know if it was the whole being with a couple of friends i haven’t really been able to hang out with in a while, or weather it was the big city lights and excitement, but the whole day was GREAT. we laughed a lot. the company was nice, the movie was good, the abs were AWESOME. no longer a team edward household…totally a team jacob gal now…we’ll until the 4th book and then no longer a team anything…too weird. oooh wait, anyone want to start a team emmet club? he’s cute. AND funny! bonus! okay moving on.
okay so we’re in week 4. seriously, this whole crafting on demand and weekly thing is starting to get kind of rapid bowel movement stressful! 😉
yes, you guessed right:
it was all i could do that week. as i mentioned before i had a few other things going on that had to be done, (yes, to be shown later on… sorry about that, and i promise not to bring it up anymore till they “happen”).
but i have to admit, even though it didn’t even come close to the votes the top three got (whoot! way to go girls!!!!!) it was nice to have an easy project for “green” done. and i do love my necklace! a.lot.
i’ll show you how i got an even finish on the beads with the spray paint later on sometime.

and now well, you get to vote for the new theme“TURKEY” oh this was hard seeing that my turkey creative juices were used up already!
but can you spot me anyways?

this week will include some much needed CLEANING. ugh, i feel like the monthly crankies are right around the corner and much needed de-cluttering and actual cleaning of the house must be done…so i can enjoy my bag of chocolate chips and dvr’d smut tv in peace (yes, i get made fun of relentlessly for this by the husband). oh yeah and not to mention that big holiday THIS week! here’s to hoping my turkey looks half as good as katie’s when i’m done with it!
any words of advise?
i mean besides eating out.

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