tutorial: pine cone wreath (and guest blogging)


beautify your home for the fall season with this super cheap and easy wreath, that looks like a million bucks!

oh now see i told you i was going to do a craft with all those pine cones.
and here it is.
but guess what…i got to rule over at U-Create for the day as a guest blogger. so go and saunter on over there to see this tutorial and while you are there make sure you tell her how much you love it. i promise this one won’t disappoint.
know how i know?
when i finish a project i usually show mr v and co. and usually he’s like “that’s nice dear.” but this time he was all like “whoa, that’s pretty cool!”
there you have it.

edited: here’s the instructions as seen on U-Create. if you make this craft make sure you enter it into the flicker group!

what you will need:

a styrofoam wreath.
i bought two sizes.
for this wreath i used the larger of the two. but either one will work. (if your pine cones are big you will want to definitely use a bigger wreath)
a bag full of small pine cones (we, as a family were in the woods. while my husband cut fire wood, the kids and i gathered these pine cones off the ground.)
brown spray paint, lightly spray paint your styrofoam wreath. you don’t need to douse it, you just want to lightly cover it so no white shows through.
now you are going to grab your pine cone and dab a little bit of hot glue to the bottom of it.
place in the middle of your styrofoam wreath.
okay we are off to a good start!
line up how ever many pine cones across the top of your wreath, my magic # was three.
(sorry about the blur)
okay here’s an important instruction.
notice how i nestled the next row up in between the first row?
this is going to help cover up most of your wreath.
*let me mention that it would be good to add a little extra glue in between the pine cones so that they connect and stay together and make the wreath that much sturdier.
see where i’m going with this?
basically this is the recipe for the whole wreath.
as you keep adding pine cones you are going to come to the edge of your wreath. i made sure that there wasn’t any corner that was bare. that meant going on the corner with some of my pine cones.
as you continue the process you will get a hint of what the final product is going to look like.
oh are you tired? keep going you’re still not done.
see this is going to take a little while but…
it’s so worth it when you are done! look how fantabulous it looks!
to get a feel as to how much one of these would cost i went online and i found a range of them from $59 to $110.
um… mine cost $4.25 plus spray paint i had and an afternoon with my kids picking up pine cones. yeah, i think i like my price better.
the “ribbon” was two strips of fabric(that way it makes it long enough to hang on a mirror) cut to 5 1/2 inches in width. i tied them in a knot and hid the knot behind the wreath and made a big loose knot on top of a tight knot so you can hang it off a nail either behind the mirror or right on top of the mirror. 🙂

yes sorry a filler post…i’m swamped over here with “things i’m working on, and getting out to places” which will be made known to you soon enough but for now…thanks for understanding! 😉
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