V and Co’s fall market recap

skirt made by one of my besties Amy Webb  I’m sure by now you’ve already had your fair share of Quilt Market recaps from people that have their acts together and don’t wait a full month before they post about it… Well better late than never. First off I can not believe we are this […]

V and Co: new patterns fall 2013

okay be forewarned. LOTS AND LOTS OF PICTURES. 🙂 okay well i finally get to show off the patterns that will go with color me happy. this time around i had a lot help. between pattern testing, editing, and then having fabric show up only 11 days ago i had many who also helped with the […]

V and Co. still sewing

 hi guys! well first off thank you THANK YOU for the love on the new fabric line. yes, i think most of us are on the same page by far this one is a favorite. i am so super excited that you guys love it as much as i do! i’m still in the final […]

V and Co: properly introducing Color Me Happy for Moda Fabrics

 okay i know that was totally mean of me to do a far away shot of my new line with no explanation other than “i have no time!” but i really am so ridiculously excited about this one that i wanted to make it super special and not just put up like two pictures and […]

V and Co: introducing..well no, not yet

as much as i’d like to introduce my next fabric line “color me happy”debuting at fall market to all of you i can’t just yet. i have too many things to sew and not enough time to place many words let alone pictures together for you. but there it is in the background ready to […]

V and Co.: jelly roll jam quilt free pattern and video tutorial

hi there!  so with summer lone gone and a distant memory, we now look forward to fall. we’ve had a Fall-ish kind of weekend, and honestly, fall hasn’t been my favorite since i moved from california. while i grew up in california, i LOVED LOVED fall. why? well because it meant pumpkins, and pumpkin smelling […]

winner winner chicken dinner and look who just turned 1

 first things first. here are our winners. i chose 5 of you randomly, and these are the winners of 2 small candy packs and a free pattern.  Abby said… ummm a favorite? Confetti and Kaleidoscope its a toss up – love them both so much  ozone3 said… Love the Kaleidoscope pattern & the Colorblock zipper pouches. THanks […]

size matters moda blog hop

welcome to my turn on the size matters blog hop! my block is the dutchman puzzle block  (free download!) BUT as you can see i decided to go even BIGGER for my final block: i used the ombre fabrics in the simply style line for moda, and used a white bella solid as the background. i […]

so we went back home and traumatized a few of our kids

the husband and i are from california. i think you know that. since moving here to the midwest, we’ve not gone “home”. and even before that we had the deployment and other things that got in the way from our visiting. so we made the trek, BY CAR, this summer. we drove all 30 hours […]

V and Co: how to make: ombre dutchman free quilt pattern

 welcome welcome! i’m so excited to finally have the time to share this with you! it’s been sitting here since last may when i made this quilt for quilt market. but as you all know the kiddos are in school now and i did my “go and do everything i’ve not been able to do […]

V and Co: first quilt over at Gen X

today is the first day of school. but i also just got back from a vacation that our family drove 4, 438.8 miles to california (and to utah and Disneyland and so forth) and back. we are still toasted. i am totally celebrating with having my car detailed to get rid of all gooey/stickiness/sand and […]

V and Co: another finish

this summer is passing me by quite quickly.  anyone else having a super fast warp speed summer too?  not that im complaining. we’ve had a great summer. we’ve relaxed, we’ve done some fun family stuff, and we’ve done a family vacation. which i’ll show pictures of that soon too.  i’ve worked on my new fall […]

V and Co: selvage zipper tote for BERNINA

well, the day has arrived where i get to talk a little about my relationship with BERNINA.  i bought my first bernina 5 years ago.  actually back up. my husband bought me my bernina for my birthday 5 years ago. it was the best birthday gift he has ever given me.  second best was my […]

V and Co: tips for small hexagon paper piecing

 phew! well i said i would get this out on wednesday didn’t i? i didn’t mention that it might be at 11:59 on wednesday night…but with all the kids home for summer, that’s how we’re rolling today. anyways, here’s my helpful hints for small hexagon paper piecing. i’ll talk about getting your hexagons started, and […]

V and Co: the tale of tiny hexagons and english paper piecing.

 our summer vacation is halfway done. actually more than that. we go back to school in middle of august much to the children and my sadness. my summer vacations growing up didnt end till labor day. anyone else out there like that? what ever happened to having summer during the summer? hmm. one thing i […]

V and Co.: summer happenings

 we are in full swing summer mode over here. our strawberries are growing and are super sweet, there’s something incredibly cool about eating from your own yard. i miss our days in the middle of nowhere when we had an acre and had our raised beds of veggie’s but strawberries make up for it as […]

V and Co: i miss my sewing machine…but…

 i haven’t touched my sewing machine for over a week. maybe it’s been almost two. sigh. i really miss it. i have been thinking of a butt load of fun things to make…and yet…no sewing and no crafting has happened. no, instead i find myself traveling in the car to and from concert band, jazz […]

V and Co.: snicker doodle ice cream cookies

one thing is for sure. having the kids around 24/7 is quite the shock the to system that might throw you in for a tail spin after having them be gone for 6 hours at a time for the school year. here’s a fun and easy way to get a few “awesome mom” points and […]

V and Co: spring 2013 portland oregon market recap

truth is…i didn’t take a single picture with my “good camera” and all i have are my instagram photos to go off of! but that’s okay cause i guess i did okay on taking pictures of… oh my gosh… selfies:  well sort of. i mean i did have some people take pictures using my phone […]

V and Co: still alive

hello! yes, i’m here.  what? you wanna hear about market?? yeah i know.  i want to write about market. i really do. and i have actually placed most pictures in a post (ahem all taken on a phone… i know i suck)…i just have to write the words. and tell the stories…so bear with me […]

V and Co: why yes…i’m still sewing.

 well, this week… wait…no, last week and this week have flown by in super hyper drive sonic speed. yep, couldnt decide which one, either way it was fast moving. and why yes, i am still working on things for market. thanks for asking. the kids had a day off on monday and we went to […]

V and Co: sewing sewing sewing

as i sew and what not i snap pictures here and there on my phone. it’s been nice to do a few “extra” prep for school houses. and bonus on finding super cute shoes at target in the little girl section. they are slightly too big for me but they totally work for $10 and […]

V and Co.: to market

these past few weeks i’ve had a lot of sewing mileage. quilt market being right around the corner means lots of sewing to display what your product can do. i’ve been asked to show off my collection of threads with aurifil at a schoolhouse for aurifil, so i’ve been doing some fun projects that include […]

V and Co: what kind of quilter are you?

confetti by V and Co.  this last weekend i was given the opportunity to speak to a group of lovely ladies in the Des Moines area. i was asked to speak the Des Moines Modern Quilt Guild. me and my i heart you quilt at the modern quilt guild in Des Moines i get nervous […]

V and Co: getting my embroidery on and 15 years

yesterday i continued to work on things for market.  i am doing a school house with Aurifil threads and i will be showing off a few things i’ve made (including this little bag) with my line of threads with them.  one person asked if i did the embroidery by hand. uh no. but thank you […]

V and Co: reverse hopscotch done

 i finally finished quilting and binding my reverse hopscotch quilt for my friend. and keep getting asked the same question: how did you make it. okay well here is how i made it: *first i got my hopscotch pattern *and where the stars are i just reversed it and placed the printed fabrics where the […]

V and Co: check it out appliqué love

hey hey hey! so check it out. i have a nice little project in this next issue of Quilts and More  this time around i made a cute little rice bag to take care of aches and pains in your neck or to warm up those toes! and well i think you all know that […]

V and Co: how to: shorten your maxi skirt so it fits you perfectly

i think i’ve mentioned before…i’m kind of short. and even with heels sometimes…skirts just don’t work for me on the length. throw in the whole maxi skirt craze and well…i’m kind of like hmmmm, yeeeeah, that’s not going to work. case in point: this totally cute skirt i found at maurices it was the right […]

V and Co: this last weekend

 this last weekend i felt like spring finally happened. i got to sew a little and clean a little. we spent a lot of time watching GC with the family and spent some time outside…FINALLY. we love weekends like this where we aren’t needing to be anyplace, and really it’s just all about family. when […]

still here

i swear. just having to be better about taking pictures taking a break and writing about what i’m doing. 🙂 i’ll try to get better at it. ps i tried on bathing suits the other day…and we’re not going to the pool this year. seriously…why do butts decide to migrate lower and lower down your leg […]

V and Co: in the mens room

taken at the botanical gardens in Cleveland Ohio there are times while in the middle of a situation that the thought crosses my mind: “this is going to make a great blog post when i have a little bit of time to forget the traumatizing feelings i am experiencing and it actually becomes kind of […]

V and Co: reverse hopscotch quilt top done

 remember when i mentioned my friend that was having her second boy but 8th child? well i finished the quilt top for her little boy. and well now i wish i was having…no what the…no i didn’t just think that! right? :O moving along… i took my instructions of hopscotch and reversed it.  i started […]

V and Co: yesterday

yesterday we had a really cold morning…well for march it was cold and for me it most definitely was. it was 2 degrees and the fog had just burned off or moved on…and what it left behind was beautifully frost covered trees. this has got to be one of my most favorite things that happens […]

V and Co: making it reverse

pattern is hopscotch in reverse  i have a wonderful friend who is celebrating having another little one come into their home. my friend is expecting her EIGHTH CHILD and second boy. yep. she has 6 girls and one boy in his teens. 🙂 she’s just one of those really good patient women that you just […]

V and Co.: friendship quilt along block # 31

welcome to my turn to the friendship quilt along. if you have been following this whole time  and have been making the quilt as we go, welcome to the next one!  if you are just hearing about it, it’s okay i think i’m going to make this quilt this summer when i have a little more […]

V and Co: Sew Red Book Giveaway

i was honored to be included in the Sew Red book. and while i don’t have any personal stories of heart disease i do know the importance of taking care of yourself. Get Heart Healthy Did you know that heart disease is the number one killer of women in the United States? Heart disease kills more women […]

V and Co.: snow day

we had a snow day. i used that time to organize most of my simply style fabric. i also sewed a little here and here. but i had a few hiccups so my posts for today didn’t get done. it’s coming though. we have a birthday tomorrow and i have a few planning things for […]

V and Co.: how to: finish a dresden plate

we survived the 4 day weekend. we even got to leave town briefly to enjoy an indoor water park.  then i came home and in between dinner and nighttime routines, while editing some pictures i got to yell at the season finale of downton abbey.  seriously.  what the heck.  i knew it was coming but […]

V and Co: remember when…

…i said i was going to show you how to appliqué and make different middles for your dresden plates today…that was when i had a brain fart and forgot that my kids had a 4 day weekend. and that i invited other boys to come over to keep them company…so currently i have 7 boys […]

V and Co: happy valentines day

Source: via Vanessa on Pinterest happy valentines day. here is a pretty picture and then here’s what my real life looks like: the daughter brought this home and she explained it says: “i love bows.” “i love hearts.” and last but not least: “i love flowers.” sorry sweetie:  that says “i love fart.” but […]

V and Co: designer Mystery quilt with the fat quarter shop

 well i’m pretty excited that i was asked to be one of the designers of the 2013 designer mystery block of the month for the fat quarter shop.  This year, Fat Quarter Shop is using Avalon by Fig Tree Quilts for their annual Designer Mystery quilt.  The fabric is light, a little whimsical and grounded […]

V and Co: simply style new patterns spring 2013

sometimes my husband comes home at night and says “your blog is really quiet…how am i supposed to know what’s going on?” to which i give him a nasty look to his smirk. we talk every night. he knows what’s going on. but it does shed light that i do a lot of “stuff” that […]

V and Co: how to: make a dresden plate

 okay so some of you know how to make dresden plates, others of you have thought you’d like to try it but you don’t know where to begin, and other of you are like “ew dresden plates is an old fashion block.” well then i’m talking to you if you fall in any of these […]

V and Co: dresden plates

 there’s no secret i have a thing for dresden plates. and where i don’t have a quilt made out of dresden plates, i do like the make them and one of my favorite places to put them is on cute little pouches. after i posted this picture of my little sewing pouch with the dresden […]

V and Co: how to: french knot heart pin cushion

pincushions can be a little bit like an extension of you and what your style that gets to hang out with you while you sew at home and travels with you when you sew at someone else’s house or at a quilt group.  so why not make it adorable right? some of you don’t know […]

V and Co: feeling valentine-y

i don’t know what it is this year (okay starting like last summer) but i am like loving decorating for the holidays. oh i don’t go too over the top, but i do want to make cute heart things and i love my heart plates i got at walmart last year for a dollar a […]

V and Co: sledding clark griswold style

i am finally seeing more and more of my sewing and work table. things keep getting done. yay! but i’m going to take a break from sewing (for these next 45 minutes at least) to write about our sledding adventures we had over the winter holiday. our family went sledding with another family. you know […]

V and Co: look at all your pretty

hi there. 🙂 so glad you like the new line. i like it too. :] i have a few minutes today to breathe because my quilts aren’t back from quilters and pretty much most of what i can do up to this point is done for the deadlines. i wanted to show off a few […]

V and Co: introducing Simply Style for moda fabrics by V and Co

 here’s my second line with moda fabrics! it’s called simply style and will be available this february with the delivery date to stores of july. i am super happy and excited about this line 🙂  i’ve included (of course) my favorite-est colors of green, and blue and you can never go wrong with some gray, […]

V and Co.: still sewing so here’s a pretty picture

i’m still sewing. so here’s a pretty picture to keep you excited of things to come. featured: aurifil thread (V and Co for aurifil) and simply color. on the zipper pouch (zipper pouch has no pattern i just made it but we’ll see if there’s a pattern in the works) and well…ahem a sneak peak of […]

V and Co: first quilt of the year 2013

happy new year! a few days late but whatever right? okay so here we go my first quilt and pattern of the year. i’m so excited to show you her. this one has now become my new favorite pattern. yes. i love it a lot. it’s called “i heart you.” i called it that because […]

V and Co:reflection


Source: via Vanessa on Pinterest we are so close to new year. how did that happen? we as a family decided to have some time together after christmas and before new years. hence one of the many reasons why so quiet on this little space i call my own. we had a great time. […]

V and Co: life

yesterday was pizza day. every tuesday we do pizza, every wednesday we have scouts, every sunday we do church, every monday we do family night, every friday we go out to dinner as a family. we are a super scheduled family. we like it that way. but with very scheduled families you throw a holiday […]

V and Co: theirs and mine: bernina sewing machines

 the other day the girl noisemaker out of the blue says to me “i want to do what you do.” i looked at her and a whole avalanche of things that i do in the day flooded my brain at that moment. what exactly was she talking about. i think she must of looked at […]

second noisemaker turns double 1

my second noisemaker is turning 11 today. i didn’t get an updated picture of him and this one is over two summers old. hmmm may need to sit him down and change that. a few things about this one at this time: -you love chocolate. probably as much as your mother. -you are kind, quiet, […]

V and Co: how to make: 3 minute walnut fudge

 so here at V and Co. we’ve made 3 minute fudge, and then last year we did 3 minute mint fudge, this year i made 3 minute walnut fudge. still trying to confuse those around me and on the internet that i can actually be somewhat of a cook…well at least in the dessert aspect […]

V and Co: around the house

 i’ve been super busy cutting up fabric  creating messes and then sewing up the cut up fabric. the fabric featured here is the simply color ombre dots in aqua i love how it looks in a dresden plate. i’m working on making a few more in the green and the gray. 🙂 and well…you will […]

V and Co: how to make a pretty apple pie

welcome to part two of the apple pie saga.  find part one here. okay so now that you have all this apple pie filling in your pantry. lets make an actual apple pie out it shall we? now if you are looking for a homemade pie crust…keep looking cause that’s not what i’m doing here. […]

V and Co: how to make: canned apple pie filling

i don’t love to cook. and when i cook it never really ever looks awesome. but for some reason that is not the case for my apple pie. yeah, i dare say that my apple pies look as good as they taste. too bad it doesn’t look as pretty on your butt and thighs as […]

V and Co: giving thanks

Source: via Vanessa on Pinterest free downloadable pdf click on the source to get it. it’s that time of the year where we give thanks for all the wonderful things in our lives. *i am so thankful for a loving spouse who is really and truly my best friend. *i’mthankfulfor my children. they have […]

V and Co: 2 new patterns

 well, i finally get to introduce to you my newest pattern: Barn Dance Quilt. there’s a story behind this quilt and the inspiration that went to create it. now that we live in iowa, i get to see a lot of barns on our trips to places. and on our trips i get to see a […]

V and Co: back at work

sorry so silent over here! yes yes! we have a winner i’ll announce her at the end of this post. 🙂 my mother left earlier this week and i had a few things i had to get done. i’ve been hard at work over here. for months now i’ve my little graph pad next to […]

V and Co: it’s my birthday giveaway

well it’s my birthday. yup. last year i turned 36 this year i’m deciding that i’m turning 29. and then next year. 29 again. sound like a plan? yeah i’m excited to turn 29 i feel like it’s going to be a good year 🙂 29 is a good year. actually 37 isn’t so bad. […]

V and Co: teaches in austin and meets the owner of BERNINA

before teaching my first class!  this last weekend i said i was going to teach in austin texas at the store Sew Much More. well what i didn’t write is that even though i’ve enjoyed interacting with my (HOLY SMOKES 3000+) students on my craftsy class, i was really kind of nervous that this was […]

V and Co: how to: simply color ombre baby quilt

first off WELCOME NOVEMBER!!! what? okay not asking too many questions, but seriously how’d we get here already? anyways, this is one of those projects that i’ve been so super excited to show off here on the blog but, has been sitting on the back burner just WAITING for the right time to make it on […]

V and Co: how to: no raw edge appliqued fall wreath pillow

hey guys, so funny how i said i would be back on wednesday with a fall how to …and here it is thursday. well we had some technical difficulties over here yesterday called “life” and i spent most of my day shuffling children from dentist and doctor appointments that by the time i finally sat […]

V and Co: meet the Beast

some of you know that i call my children “noisemakers”. which btw thank you for your kind words on motherhood and the spectrum of emotions that it brings. 🙂 i’m having a pretty awesome week so far…but it’s only monday so we’ll just keep plugging away! 🙂 okay, so some of you know i call […]

V and Co: just one of those weeks

no need to cry over spilled milk  i’ve had one of those weeks. i think it started with having a 4 day weekend this last week. it got me off my groove.  i was always a day behind. i was thinking it was wednesday and really it was thursday. what??? where did that day go, […]

winner and hey look i’m going to be in austin!

yup this picture has nothing to do with the giveaway. but it has everything to do with the fact that in November (first weekend) i will be in austin, texas teaching a class on creating big style with a little bit of texture. (kind like an extension of my craftsy class) i’ll be teaching at sew […]

V and Co: how to: make a spiderweb table runner

 we are “enjoying” the last day of our four day weekend over here. give a girl a month and half of all 4 kids in school and my how i forget so quickly how it is to have them anwho   last year i was all humbug about the holidays. i think i was […]

V and Co: im in another book…and giveaway :)

 welcome to all those of you who are new to my blog for this book blog hop! i’m vanessa and this is my blog. i am a mother to 4 vivacious noisemakers i call my children, three boys and a little girl. been married for 14 and half years to a pretty funny guy (but […]

winner of skip the borders, and bats

we have been making our house all octobery over here. one of the things we’ve done is putting up the martha stewart bats (and using them as a template to make a bazillion more of them for a much cheaper price) currently i’m working on another octobery project…watch for it soon. 🙂 okay for the […]

V and Co: skip the borders book giveaway

welcome to skip the borders blog hop i am Vanessa and this is my blog. 🙂  today i get to talk a little about this book and how julie has made some great patterns sans the borders. here’s the whole line up of people in the blog hop Full Schedule Generation Q Magazine – Monday, Sept 10th […]

V and Co: hello kitty cupcakes

my daughter’s birthday is this sunday. when i asked her what she wanted her cupcakes for school to look like she gave me a blank stare. “i don’t know.” come on kid, give me something to work with here. so i started naming things off and hello kitty got an excited look and “YEAH! YEAH! […]

V and Co: visits home ec in iowa city

 the other week i was invited to hang out with a few wonderful people. we went to a great shop down in iowa city, iowa. it was a pretty crazy weekend as there was a hawkeye game (and not just any game THE game against the cyclones. heaven help me i don’t even follow football […]

V and Co: what i’ve been doing with my simply color pre-cuts

 so if you haven’t heard simply color pre-cuts are now available at your favorite quilt stores. 🙂 and well now i feel like i can sort of show you a couple of things i’ve been working on with my precuts! this beautiful dresden plate zippered pouch, is my new little sewing bag. i can take […]

V and Co: how to: make a mini fabric pumpkin

about a week ago I was working on a project (actually, I was not using a seam ripper and using my little scissors to take out a seam) and one of my noisemakers asked me a question in the middle of it. As I looked up somehow the thread holding my pincushion strawberry onto my […]

V and Co: sherwin william paint

confession: instagram and facebook are a lot easier and faster for me hence why it feels like i hardly blog these days. the other day i took a picture of my new hair cut with my phone and gave a sneak peek of my third time is the charm painted house and put it on […]

V and Co.: winner of simply color pre cuts

thank you all! it was so nice to read which one of my patterns is your favorite. it seems like houndstooth is still one of the top fave. and after 2 years of it being out…yeah i kind of still like it too. a close second: the abby bag. nice. 🙂 lots of lovely color […]

V and Co: moda blog hop

welcome welcome!  ahhhhh! i of course made the mistake of my dates and am posting completely late! i thought i was supposed to blog about me on the 15th. wrong. that’s when a winner will be picked. heaven help me. so here we go! welcome to the moda blog hop! i’m Vanessa i just had […]

V and Co: 1 million pillow case challenge in simply color

 hi there! today is day 8 of the million pillowcase challenge put on by APQ  APQ asked me to participate and talk a little about the million pillowcase challenge. and just in case you missed the line up here are all the participants for the whole month of september. 🙂 1. Welcome from American Patchwork […]

V and Co: how to: make an ombre ruffled flower onesie

nothing says girl like pink ruffles. so lets round out with what else…pink ruffles. this one is one of my favorite ones. super easy, super texture-y and super cute.  we talked about dying your onesie ombre here. and then we talked about dying and appliquéing your doily on the onesie here. so now lets talk […]

V and Co: simply color at Sew 4 Home

 i am a huge, ginormous fan of Sew 4 Home. so when they approached me at spring market to let me know they had chosen my line to do a whole slew of projects for the transform your space into an organized space series, i was beyond ecstatic. yesterday they launched with the garment bags […]

V and Co: moda designer’s blog hop

every once in a while i let myself think of the fact that i am part of the moda crew. just for a minute though because the rest of the time it freaks me out. i just pretend like it isn’t really true, it’s just a dream and blah de be blah blah. it’s how […]

V and Co: how to: appliqué doilies onto a onesie

alrighty. so i heard from a few people, that lots of people are afraid of appliqué. is that true? this boggles me. it’s not scary at all? but then again it’s one of my favorite things because i can take it anywhere and work on it anytime. and i like the hand work. but i […]

V and Co: how to: baby girl onesies: dyeing with rit dye

so last week i got to go to a baby shower (yes, by myself during the day while the kids were all in school…but i wasn’t going to say that because i feel like i’ve rubbed that in your face enough and i kind of still want you to like me aside from the fact […]

V and Co: making baby gifts

i’ve been busy making things baby gifts this week for a baby shower i was invited to. i made a few different kinds, this one is a simple ruffled ombre flower one. and well, might as well show you how i made it and the other ones right? 🙂 so next week watch for how […]

V and Co: last hurrah at Saint Joseph, Lake Michigan


our family has been trying to create new yearly traditions. and since we find ourselves in a totally new location in the united states, we will have to try to find new places and things that will be a part of our yearly traditions. it’s kind of fun and exciting. as you know: i grew […]

V and Co: crash and burn baby


 this week i had a very exciting, sad, weird, fun, happy marker come true for me. i sent my last child to school. after 12 years of having at least one small person in my home i now have 6 hours where all my minions/noisemakers/things i call my children are in school. i thought i […]

V and Co: giveaway:!

today i get to be on the blog tour for miss angela yosten’s new book: Stop. Go. Quilt. Sew! and i just have to gush a little about this lady. she is the most delightful person, so genuine, nice and kind, and of course super talented. as most of you know that 3 of my […]

V and Co: clouds of the midwest

this summer we’ve had a couple of firsts. this was our first full summer in the midwest. this summer we went to chicago for the first time. this summer we saw our first scary storm. well scary for us because we’ve never heard the sirens go off before that day. there was this weird look […]

V and Co: making cute shrinky dinks

phew! didn’t mean to let so much time go by well the last couple of weeks have gone in a flash. and honestly, if i can be so bold…i’ve enjoyed being lazy laid back this summer.  gosh i’m going to miss it. but the kids are anticipating school and…okay only 50% of my kids are […]

V and Co: how to: appliqué christmas apron

 it’s sweltering hot out so lets talk about what else: christmas. i’m sure you’ve heard of christmas in july. that’s when most of the christmas fabric ships to stores, so of course that means it’s time to get a cracking on christmas gifts! well that’s if you are on top of it and are already […]

V and Co. still here


Source: via Vanessa on Pinterest i’m still here. yup. between being locked up in my bathroom thinking to myself as the two younger ones keep banging on my door as i do do-do…”they say that i’m going to miss this someday. i think they are full of poop.” cause i’m pretty sure that i will […]