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V and Co: it’s my birthday giveaway


well it’s my birthday.


last year i turned 36 this year i’m deciding that i’m turning 29.

and then next year.

29 again.

sound like a plan?

yeah i’m excited to turn 29 i feel like it’s going to be a good year 🙂 29 is a good year.

actually 37 isn’t so bad. i feel pretty great, and it isn’t till i write down “3 years from 40.” that i want to throw up. seriously?

okay i’m 29. 11 years from 40. that’s better. 🙂

these last two weeks my mom’s been here and we’ve been organizing and cleaning. and then organizing some more.

it’s been nice to place all the scraps i have in color bins. it looks really pretty even if it’s not as pretty as

amanda jean’s fabric box’s 🙂

but none the less it’s nice to get things organized.

btw oh have you heard of this book? yeah it’s pretty amazing. and pretty to look at.

Sunday Morning Quilts by Amanda Nyberg and Cheryl Arkison has been out for a little while but i have been saving this book for a special occasion to finally talk about it and give away a copy of it.

no wonder this book has been flying off of shelves! it’s gorgeous and amanda and cheryl are amazing at what they do. 

taking pretty left over project scraps and compiling them and creating a gorgeous project all on its own.

i love amanda and cheryl’s style. clean and colorful. 

and never wasting your scraps.

i have a signed copy to give to one lucky winner.

AND i’m going to include some of my simply color scraps to go with the book. 

and well for a limited time i’ll also include a 37% discount on all of my PDF patterns. (only PDFs)

just include the code “BIRTHDAY” at the checkout and the discount will be given! (good through wednesday 11-14-12)

okay, now for a chance to win Sunday Morning Quilt’s book and some of my scraps you need to:

1. first chance: leave me a comment and tell me what you do to turn back the aging clock. (i’m just asking for a friend, i swear.) (leave a contact email at the bottom of your comment)

2. second chance: visit amanda jean’s blog leave her a hello comment and that you love her awesomeness  (leave me a second comment that you did, with a contact email)

3. third chance: visit cheryl’s blog and leave her a hello comment and that you think she’s got great calves (kidding just tell her you love her awesomeness too) (leave me a third comment saying you did so)

three chances. do one or all three your choice. 🙂

but please leave a contact email where you can be reached if you win.

 (you can type it out like vanessa(dot)christenson(at)gmail(dot)com if you like. 🙂

the winner will be announced on wednesday! 

🙂 okay have fun and happy birthday to me!