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V and Co: back at work


sorry so silent over here!

yes yes! we have a winner i’ll announce her at the end of this post. 🙂

my mother left earlier this week and i had a few things i had to get done.

i’ve been hard at work over here.

for months now i’ve my little graph pad next to me at all times. i have had a couple of quilt designs come to life on paper and it is quite exciting. i am now ready to start testing the designs with real life fabric…it makes it just that much more wonderfully exciting. i hope they look as great in real life as they did in my head. usually they come out better. sometimes i have a flop but that’s just a learning experience. 🙂

i love the creative process.

it truly is a wonderful experience and i am grateful for my love of it. 🙂

i have been also working on a few holiday projects, and working on finishing up the final tweaks on two new patterns that i’ll release later this week. (ahem, yeah i know that means today or tomorrow or the next day, so look for it soon!)

it’s taken me a little bit of time to figure out working from home.

but i’m getting the hang of it. i think.

again, it’s all about scheduling out time to do certain things on certain days.

just like the chores around the house, work from home, i believe, needs to be broken down and scheduled out each week. only difference with work is that it needs to constantly be looked at to see what deadlines and things need to be done. and adjust accordingly the tasks that go with it.

sadly blogging got swept aside with all the catching up needed to be done.

a schedule does help me with the overwhelming feelings of running around and not getting any one thing done. 🙂 so for now it works.

i’ve gotten emails to see my schedule. sure. okay if you wanna see it i’ll post it in the near future, but like i said it’s still being tweaked so that i get my grove just right…i bet i’ll get it just right, right before school ends for the summer time. 🙂 cause that’s how life is.

husband photo bombing

these last two weeks  has been great to have my mom here. and no we didn’t do any pandevonos (colombian cheesy bread) because we drove all over eastern iowa looking for a hispanic grocery store that would carry the ingredients we needed and couldnt find them. bummer. my kids were so SO bummed.

husband looking in the back ground like he has his tail between his legs after i scolded him for prior photo bombing

we had a blast with granny, she made my life easier with helping to keep up with laundry and getting my almost completely organized in my basement storage area. soooo close i am!

but mainly her love of my kids was much appreciated, and now i have to detox my children of all the granny spoiling…but i hear that’s the job of a granny.

okay! so are you ready for the winner of sunday quilts?

thank you for all your suggestions of turning back the clock. laughter. seems to be the most popular suggestion. yup, i think we have that one nailed. 🙂

there was a whole slew of vitamins, and exercise and positive thinking. yup, i’m working on it. 🙂 thanks ladies it was nice reading all the fun stuff you wrote!

okay, OKAY i’ll give you the winner:

VickiT said…

I posted to Amanda Jean’s blog. I’ve been a follower of her blog for quite awhile. And yes, I have had her book on my wish list since she first released it. I just love the cover quilt.

vicki has already been contacted through email. thank you all for playing. 

okay now i’m going back to work cause i’ve got some new patterns to show you! 🙂

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