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V and Co: reverse hopscotch quilt top done


 remember when i mentioned my friend that was having her second boy but 8th child?

well i finished the quilt top for her little boy. and well now i wish i was having…no what the…no i didn’t just think that! right? :O

moving along…

i took my instructions of hopscotch and reversed it.  i started with my star blocks…

but as i finished the stars i realized that i had a butt load of scraps left over in my simply color and simply style piles and wouldn’t it be nice to actually use up some of those?? anyways, so that i could make a small dent into my scrap pile, i decided instead of doing the square in square block to just cut up my scraps and make a 9 patch with 4″ blocks in their places.

 and well then i got this.

and what started off as my hopscotch quilt pattern ended up looking like a cross between a scrappy hopscotch and rachel’s  moda bake shop book quilt.

we make a nice cross between the two quilts do we not? 🙂 holla rachel!

as i work with both of my lines, i realize that they go quite nicely together. and well i kind of hope that this little guy and his many siblings like it as much as we like it over here.

whatever the case…it made me baby hungry. for like a second. don’t tell anyone.

we’ll talk soon.