how to make: Christmas Stockings


Hey so guess what.

My calendar…totally broken. It says that there’s only 7 days left till Christmas.

HA…yeah I know. I KNOW. Okay?! Sheesh. Where did the time go?

I guess its okay. I’m not the best winter season person, and this year it’s COLD. And snowy and COLD.

So of course lets throw out there a project for you if you want to spruce up your mantle a little bit on the last minute side shall we?

Over at the We All Sew Bernina Blog I give step by step with pictures how to make these stockings. 

I used my ombre stripe from my newest fabric collection “Color me Happy” which wont come out till March, BUT I also include instructions on how to create your own ombre stripe if you want them to look like these featured RIGHT NOW. 🙂

 Also I’d like to point out that my little Trees kind of match my stockings….and now my pillow…I just bought teal dye so maybe i’ll add some more little trees to the colorful forest here soon.

I followed the tutorial online from last year, but since then it’s no longer available. So here’s the next closest tutorial I just found to give you a link to how to do it. And I kind of like her ombre look…maybe i’ll do that next time. Also I’ve not been successful in finding the little bottle trees with the wood base. So if anyone knows where to get those, please indulge me…but only if it’s at a store I can get to. Otherwise, you’ll just frustrate me more…and we don’t want to frustrate the Vanessa…she gets weepy and sad. Kidding but not really. okay…

 So yeah for now this is what I have on my little forest of bleached and dyed trees…and I’m all kinds of festively coordinating over here now that I’ve added new stockings and a pillow this year!

Wonder what I’ll decide that I need to do next year? I guess we’ll see next year, cause this season is almost behind us.

Now if you don’t mind me I have to avoid all Christmas treats that keep coming to our door, and continue to finish up my leave to the last minute teacher gifts….but i’m almost done so I’ll show you those soon too. 

Hope you are having a less rushed holiday season than I’m experiencing! 

We’ll talk soon.

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