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He’s 12 and he loves Domo


 My second Noisemaker turns 12 today.

I can’t really wrap my head around that but it’s true.

The other night I caught all my kids looking at the computer laughing. I asked them what they were looking at and one of them answered “We’re reading about the UGLY Christmas tree.” And then one of the other ones says “Mom, you need to write more of our stories again.”

Man, talk about a slap in the face.

It also has occured to me that I’ve not written any “right now’s” in a couple of years.

If nothing else it gives us a good place to look back through the years and gives us snap shots of the kids each year. So if you don’t mind I’m going to do that again.

My kids have grown and matured so much these last two years that I should write about it. And I will. 🙂

so this said noisemaker that has a birthday today…really likes domo’s so of course last minute I tried to attempt to make one.

I had a sick kid home today so we couldn’t really venture out and that’s when I realized I don’t have like any brown fabric! 

Literally this was the only brown fabric I had.

And it’s not cotton…it’s fake leather sort of fabric.

So it’s thick

 I learned a lot trying to make this guy. In the middle of it I had to turn it around just to see how cute he was coming out or even IF he was coming out cute! I turned him inside out after I finished sewing the arms in (and btw KUDOS to my BERNINA for being able to handle 4 layers of thick fake leather as if it ate that many layers for breakfast!)  Anyways, first try I had sewn up the head… but in the middle of thinking about turning it back outside in, I had a “oh crap…” moment of how the heck am I going to get all those body parts out of a tiny little hole?!

So I turned his insides back out on to the outsides and unpicked his head sewed the legs in…and…


He’s not perfect, but he’s totally going to be a great present!

AND I know what to do differently and I’ll try a few other things next time! Oh you know there’s going to be a next time. The other kids are going to think I need to make everyone of them one…

 So yes, this guy was a success. And add a cute Domo cake that my neighbor made for us…

 Makes for a Domo-tastic Birthday!

HMMMM… doesn’t that look like Domo is trying to eat a Domo cake! NO! Don’t do it Domo!!!

okay well here’s a few Right Nows for my Domo loving 12 year old:

right now:

*You are in 6th grade, are loving middle school, and have some great friends at church and school.

*You play the cello and LOVE instrumental music like  The Piano Guys and 2Cellos but your absolute fav band at the moment is Imagine Dragons

*You love Domo, the color green, and your favorite home cooked meal is Tacos

*You currently wear glasses and braces. And you don’t care that you wear glasses and braces. 🙂

*You love to read.

*You love to be around friends.

*You are in the LEGO league at school and you love it.

*You are a great babysitter to your younger siblings and a good friend to your older brother.

*You have a quick sense of of wit and can pull off some pretty funny zingers.

*You can sew a really great 1/4″ seam.

*You are my go to photographer when I need someone to take a picture of me holding a project.

(and you have an awesome eye for it)

*You love to snowboard, swim, and have been training to run cross country next year.

*You are a very loving son, and brother. You pay attention to others emotions and you act upon them.

* You already have big college goals. BYU is your top choice of school to get into.

*I never have to get on you to do your school work. There’s been only a handful of times I’ve had to have words with you about not getting things done.

*You quietly serve others.

We are very happy with who you are molding yourself to be, we appreciate your witty smart mouth comments and your love of learning.

We are blessed to have you in our family.

ps: and no I don’t have a picture of you right now…you may like taking pictures but you hate being in them. Btw start preparing for it cause family pictures are coming. You’ve been forewarned.

okay NOW, lets go eat some DOMO!